2020 has been a wild ride.
While we don't know what 2021 will look like, we know we need to work together to provide abortion access.
Our Village
TBAF is pleased to share we have entered a partnership with the National Women's Law Center. We are also a proud member of the National Network of Abortion Funds, the National Abortion Federation and Floridians for Reproductive Freedom. Together we will continue our fight for abortion access nationally, state-wide and in Tampa Bay.
In Tampa, we are expanding our volunteer network. We brought in Practical Support Escorts earlier this year and now we have recruited Intake Volunteers!
As the need for assistance with abortion funding and practical support has increased nationwide, we couldn't do what we do without their help.
We are so grateful to our drivers, babysitters, court escorts, prescription picker uppers, and general all round awesome human beings: Jackie, Denise, Janelle, Sharon, Stephanie and Judy!
Our new intake volunteers are the first contact our callers have with TBAF. They gather just enough information so we can help out - no last names or demographic information - and offer a friendly, reassuring ear if wanted. Thank you Breianna, Alexa and Kris!
We also give a heartfelt shout out to our pro bono attorney, Naomi, who has represented Tampa Area minors in Judicial Bypass cases before the Pinellas and Pasco County Courts.
If you'd like to join our team, we welcome personal references from our network and do a brief background check.

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday is around the corner. If you can support us at this time with a financial contribution we will put it to good use. A gift of $10 per month will allow us to pay for a hotel night for a client. And $20 a month can help make a dent in the cost of a procedure.
In 2020, we received calls from over 275 people needing funding and practical support. Our minimum pledge response ranged from $80 to over $750.
Your gift will allow us to continue to serve more people. Our one time donation page is here or you can sign up to make sustaining contributions here..

Wear Your Support
TBAF has designed some really rad Tshirts. Get yours here. 50% of the proceeds go toward supporting abortion access in Tampa Bay.

Clinic Escorting
One of our Tampa Bay clinics, Lakeland Women's Health, is having a real issue with anti-choice protestors. They come out every Wednesday and Friday to harass the patients. If you are able to help escort, sign up and info is here.

Self Managed Abortion
People have been self-managing their abortions for thousands of years, and today, we have medication abortion— pills that are safer than Tylenol. At home, self managed abortion is possible right now. Help us share information on Self Managed Abortion. Together we can educate on safe, affordable and accessible abortion.
What does Tampa Bay Abortion Fund do for our community?
"There is no greater example of mutual aid and community care than abortion funds."

Safe Legal Accessible Abortion