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The Hock Tools Newsletter
A Shameless Shill for Hock Tools
# 7  / 2016 
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Ron Hock
I hope your Thanksgiving was as cozy as ours. We barbecued our turkey and topped off the meal with pumpkin custard and apple pie filled with apples from our Golden Delicious tree. We have much to be thankful for, and I want more than ever to remember that.

Thanks to you Hock Tools has enjoyed another wonderful year serving woodworkers. We feel good about every tool of ours that you use, and wish you holidays that are filled with joy and goodwill.

Linda asked me to remind you about our Photo Album. She uses a lot of what you send in our Photo Album section and sometimes turns what is sent into a longer article. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to receive photographs of tools made from our tools and kits. There's nothing quite like being part of something you create. Thanks for that, and please help us share what you accomplish by sending photos. You inspire other woodworkers.
Of course, if you need anything from  Hock Tools , please let me know.

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Ron Hock
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Retail 716, Using a Marking Knife, close-up.
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On Your Mark - About Marking Knives
Even though the use of a marking knife is well documented by just about every woodworking magazine and Internet how-to, such as Instructables and Craftsy, it's nice to have a cheat sheet from a toolmaker.

Pencils are convenient markers; that's their job, after all, making marks of all kinds. But, unless you are describing for yourself things like one side of a piece of wood from the other, or which end is up, even a slight graphite tip is too fat for accurate woodworking incisions...

Retail #716, In-the-Spotlight, Ruler, Pencil, Marking Knife, Lines.

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Retail #716, 2016 Happy Toolidays List of Hock Tools $50 and Less, Banner
Happy Toolidays: Your 2016 List of Hock Tools $50 or Less is Here.
Thank you for another year serving woodworkers!

And, yes, we all know it's that time of year. The serious shill time of year. So, we've included your annual list of Hock Tools $50 or Less.  It's just a click away ... 

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It's easy to be in the photo album. Just send us your pics!
With Richard Wile, Hermie Tolerba, Julio Diaz

You certainly inspire us!
And, you 
inspire others 
with your 
photos of the 
tools you make with, or 
that you fit with 

Send your photos to:

Linda will get back to you soon about your pics being in the Hock Tools Photo Album. 
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