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It's time to start thinking about sunscreen again. I love this time of year! When it gets sweltering, not so much, but it's been beautiful out recently. Anyway, To Your Health talks about that.

I used to have an aquarium so I can really relate to this month's cartoon. I actually had a fish do that. I don't think a see-saw was involved, but still...

And remember what I said last month about not being able to get the print of Just for Fun big enough? Well, same thing this month. Sorry.  Good luck with it.


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 Writing Tip   Tip   

Collective Singular Subject-Verb Agreement.  Relax, it's not nearly as complex as it sounds.   Collective singulars are things like team or staff or - perhaps not surprisingly - collection .  A team is comprised of more than one person, but all of them together make up one team .  Hence, collective singular.  

Since the collective singular is, in fact, singular, so are the verbs used with it.  "The team is doing well."  "The staff agrees."  "The collection is complete."  

Now: "All members of the team are doing well."  The team is no longer the subject; now the subject is plural, all the different members.

Here's another thing to watch out for:  " Everyone on the team is doing well." 
Everyone , or every one , on the team, refers to each member individually.  So again, it is singular.

I'm doing the partly for very selfish reasons. Now I don't be the only viewer who goes crazy when she reads the TV intro blurbs like: The team are stumped..."

Just A Bike Ride

I was out on my bike today.  I was a beautiful afternoon and I was felling good. I was riding on some backroads where drivers know to be on the lookout for cyclists. As I approached an intersection, I put my hand out to indicate a left turn.

Now, on a bicycle, I don't know how effective something like that is. It's not like I'm keeping up with the flow of traffic, but it lets drivers know where I'm likely to be in the next several seconds.

This time, a driver who could easily have made his turn before I was in any danger, didn't. He stopped. The cars coming from other directions followed his lead and I was able to make my turn safely and get myself out of everybody's way.

It's a small thing. But it's the small things that are so significant. It's things people do without thinking that tell you who they are. I just felt really good about the world in that moment. I thought you might, too.

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Did you know they're saying to use coconut oil for sunscreen now? What can't that oil do? Anyway, it's supposed to have an SPF of about 20.

A couple more obscure oils - namely carrot seed and red raspberry seed - are reputed to have an SPF as high as 50. Wouldn't that be great? You can protect your skin at the same time as you moisturize it!

But, yes, it might be too good to be true. The information I found suggests that most of the testing is done on oil sunscreen preparations. It may be the other ingredients that are doing the most good. 

But hey, maybe carrot oil really is that good for your skin. You can find it on line (What can't you find on line?). I don't know that I'd try it first on my face, though. Maybe you want to start out with a spot on an arm or leg. 

Anyway, you can try that out, if you want. Or wear big floppy hats and long loose sleeves. Or use more conventional sunscreen. Just whatever you do, remember to use it. And to reapply it when needed.  

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The human race 
has one really effective
weapon, and that is  laughter.
Mark Twain

Just for Fun
Can you identify the flowers below from the choices given?
(Apologies for the petite type. Nothing I did made it any bigger.)

Answer to May:
1) Cherry Blossom
2) Daffodil
3) Rose
4) Iris
5) Lilly (stargazer)
6) Hydrangea

In Good Taste
I have not tried this recipe, but it sounds great.  It's a refreshing fruity dessert, not too sweet, and you get to grill it!
Jam Parfait w/Grilled Peaches 
Ingredients :
  2 Tbsp lemon juice
  2 Tbsp raspberry jam
  1 C each blueberries and 
  4 peaches
  2 Tbsp olive oil  
  1 C heavy cream
  1C full-fat Greek yogurt

Directions :  
1) In large 
    juice and 
    jam; add berries, toss to 
    coat, let stand at least 5 
    minutes, tossing 
2) Halve peaches, discard 
    pits;  brush cut sides with
    olive  oil, grill on 
    medium until  grill marks
    appear, about 3  minutes 
    each side
3) Beat cold cream and 
    yogurt  until soft peaks 
4) Layer cream mixture 
    and  berries in parfait 
    glasses or  jars; serve 
    over peach  halves

Where did that come from?

Why is a group of crows called a murder? What have they done to deserve that title? For that matter, why is it a clowder of cats? And a group of bears is called a sloth. Or how about a parade of elephants?

Back when people were deciding such things, animals were often named for an attribute they seemed to represent. So it's pretty easy to under-stand  a tower of giraffes and a cauldron of bats.

Crows are carrion birds, which means they clean dead animals from the earth. They were also thought to be harbingers of death, possibly because of that. So: a murder of crows.

Maybe you had to be there, but I don't see why groups of lemurs would be called a conspiracy. What would they be conspiring about?


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