Dear Friends,

We recently heard troubling reports about the "community relations" positions created by Recorder Fontes.

Supposedly these public employees meet with community groups to encourage voter registration and explain the voting process. That's great.

What's less great is that we've been told that these community relations positions are staffed only by people of one political party and only target community groups where people of one political party are likely to show up.

That's not appropriate.

We've requested public records from Recorder Fontes to see if we really do have a problem with the Recorder's Office being used as a voter registration arm for one political party. See those requests here ( LINK TO RECORDS REQUEST ).

Admittedly, we still haven't received answers to the public records requests we made in November and December 2018 regarding the 2018 election, so don't hold your breath. But we'll let you know if we receive anything.

This is a prime example of how this Recorder is neither FAIR nor TRANSPARENT.

That needs to change. Please join us in our effort to make that change by telling a friend, donating , or liking us on Facebook .


(For those of you monitoring your flow of emails, we plan on sending one email every two weeks or so)