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October 2015
You know the story Jesus shared. A man was beaten, robbed, ignored, and left for dead by the side of the road. It happened 2000 years ago and still happens today.  Jesus asked, " W ho was a neighbor to the man?" What a probing question!  Many people were in a hurry and just didn't want to get involved with a man in trouble.
Jesus answered his own question, " The neighbor was the one who showed the poor man mercy." Later, he said, " You go, and do likewise..." Love your neighbor. Engage your world. Don't sit on the sidelines. Get in the race to zero. Move into your neighborhoods.
Sent by Jesus, 120 missionaries so far this year, have moved into the neighborhood in 24 nations. They have also moved out into the neighborhoods of 19 cities as they have served through local organizations.
Through the Above & Beyond Rewards Program...
...Breanne moved into a neighborhood in Bwebajja, Uganda sharing the truth of the Father's love to children who have seen too much death.
... Robert moved into a neighborhood in Curhasi, Peru sharing the message of Jesus while building a children's home.
... David moved into a neighborhood in Telangana, India touching the untouchables with the love of Jesus.
... Krystal moved into a neighborhood in the Philippines washing feet and giving shoes.
... Amy moved into a neighborhood in Somoto, Nicaragua bringing physical and spiritual healing through dental care.
John 1:14 -  The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.  We saw the glory with our own eyes. Whether you are partner sending or a missionary going, thank you for impacting our global neighbors through Above & Beyond.

Running the Race to Zero until all have heard,  
Michelle Hoverson
Executive Director  

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