ABOVE WATER Newsletter
Vol. 3, Issue 8 | APR 2022
Elevate Savannah Funding Award by the
Abbie DeLoach Foundation
Elevate Savannah is honored to be a recipient of the Class of 2022 scholarship awards. We were nominated by Superintendent, Dr. Ann Levett and invited to attend their annual scholarship luncheon on April 29th at the Savannah Golf Club. Founded in 2016, the AD Foundation benefits organizations rewarding academic excellence, exemplary service-work, and athletic commitment. Thank you to the Abbie DeLoach Foundation, we appreciate the recognition and will continue to "Live Inspired."

(Pictured) Ms. Thompson and Elevater Kamiya Jean. 
Money Management & Integrity
Our Intro to Elevate Class (9th Grade) is learning foundational principles of money management and the importance of budgeting to achieve their financial goals. In this activity, students were challenged with a game that reinforced Integrity and demonstrated how this character quality relates to money. 
After-school S.T.E.M. Program
To help Elevate students prepare for GMAS testing, we're collaborating with the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club to offer after-school S.T.E.M. programming. Teacher-Mentors accompany students for a power-hour of academic focus and then utilize the teen center and the gym to bond, play games or exercise with their mentees.

(Above, K. Goldwire is seen examining specimens through a microscope before a game of basketball)
Financial Literacy with Truist
Our seniors got the opportunity to chat with Rachel White, Vice President Banker for Truist, about their finances. Ms. White explained the power of budgeting and the process of opening a bank account. Students were shown the difference between debit and credit and the perks of obtaining and utilizing credit cards. Throughout her presentation students were also given tips on saving for their future through avenues such as 401k plans.
S'mores on the Marsh
To kick-off Grad Week, we hosted our 2nd annual S'mores on the Marsh on Tybee Island for Elevate seniors. Thanks to Kate Burns who opened her home to our students and provided a space to watch the sunset, and make tasty s'mores. Afterwards we gathered around the fire to share our favorite Elevate moments, lessons learned, as well as future plans. Grad Week also included a senior celebration filled with basketball, giveaways, food and music.
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