Aug 2017
Abraham Jam in Concert!!

Asheville Masonic Temple Theatre

80 Broadway St.

Asheville, NC

Saturday August 26, 2017

8 pm 

A Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian walk into a concert hall… and put on a great concert together, modeling their mutual respect and affection, entertaining listeners, and creating music that is strengthened by their diversity, rather than hindered by it.

Join David LaMotte, Dawud Wharnsby, and Billy Jonas for an unforgettable night of music, conversation, and harmony.

Nashville with Ashley
for the recording of "More Love"
We are more than thrilled that Billy Jonas Band member Ashley Jo Farmer was invited to share her beautiful voice on my song "More Love" in Nashville! The Liz Dunst Social Justice Music Project was the catalyst. She was joined by some of the finest songwriters in the world. Check out her photo updates!

The adventure included: 
Peri Smilow, Stacy Beyer, Chava, Mirel, Rick Jacobs, Marci Geller, Jonah Pesner, Joe Black, Steve Brodsky, Julie Silver, Todd Herzog, Isabel Dunst and Mark Niemiec 

Radio Rx - interview 
Mark and Billy hit it off and had copious amounts of topics to discuss with the last interview so, Northern Spirit producer, Mark Helpsmeet, invited Billy back for another interview - check it out!

LEAF Downtown Presents...
Billy Jonas Band 

Sun Aug 5 at 12:15

Pack Square Park,
downtown Asheville, NC
Upcoming Shows - EVERYWHERE!

July 28 - 30, Cleveland, GA
Camp Coleman - Private


Aug 1-3 Tumwater, WA
Camp Solomon Schechter - Private

Aug 5,  12:15 pm, Asheville, NC
family show

Aug 6-7 10am, Wingdale, NY
Camp Ramah Berkshires - Private

Aug 8 2pm, Huntington, NY
family show

Aug 18, Atlanta, GA

School Shows - Private

Aug 26, Asheville, NC

Masonic Temple Theatre

Abraham Jam

At school shows I ask young fans 
to "draw what you saw"...