It's our newsletter Yo, April 2019. Please enjoy.

Spring is here at last and in a few short months it will be time for NeoCon 2019. We love this event and we love Chicago in June! If you are planning to attend, please reach out to us. Our partners are busily designing their showrooms & after-hours fun and we would love to connect with you and your team. If that's not possible, no problemo, let’s get together after and we’ll bring a little bit of the show to you.

In the meantime, check out some of our favorite new pieces below: RBW lighting, beautiful in white, The new mobile and stacking Handy stool from Leland, and our Spacestor phone booth / storage wall. We believe in the power of great design and our design community in the PNW. Your success is our success. We love working with you and look forward to seeing you soon! BTW if you’re going to IIDA REVEAL 19 Seattle at the end of this month look for us, we’ll be strategically placed near the bar at booth A-7.

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Jayson, Jordan & Tottie, Tippi, Gemma & Maren too!
We Thought this idea was a home run!!!! Click on the image and watch the video :)
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