We Commit Ourselves
And Our Resources
To Nurture the Spirit,
Grow in Community,
And Help Heal the World.
Worship Service:

June 19th
10:00 am

Abyssinian Meeting
House Restoration
Pam Cummings
Upcoming Worship Services
June 26 | 10 am
Awaken the Spirit
Toben Cooney-Callnan
July 3 | 10 am
Building Closed for
Holiday Weekend
July 10 | 10 am
Small Group Ministry
Rev. Elaine Peresluha
Welcome Our
Guest Speaker,
Pam Cummings!

Pam Cummings was born and raised in Portland where she attended Portland Public Schools. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree. She is the proud mother to two adult children and serves as President and Co-Director of Educational Programs at The Abyssinian Meeting House. She has over 20 years of experience in identifying and cultivating partnerships with local business leaders, fundraising, and event planning. 
Poor People's Campaign
Moral March on Washington:
Watch Online!
The Poor People's Campaign will be Marching on Washington on Saturday, June 18th at 9:30 am. Rev. Elaine will be there with other members of our congregation! You can watch the March online here.
Last Call For
Fiscal Year 2022
Pledges and Expenses

First Parish is coming to the end of the fiscal year on June 30th. If you have not yet fulfilled your pledge for the current church year, please be sure to do so by June 30th. If you have a question about how much remains on your pledge, please email finance@firstparishportland.org. We will also be sending statements to households that have not yet fulfilled their pledge. If you need any expenses reimbursed, please submit approved requests to office@firstparishportland.org by the end of the month. Thank you for helping us close the books on time for FY22!
Stewardship Celebration!
June 26 | 11 am | Memorial Garden

You are invited to join the Stewardship team on Sunday, June 26th to celebrate the 2022 Stewardship Drive and the financial and spiritual generosity that support First Parish today and in the future. We will meet in the garden after the Sunday service for a cake and ice cream social celebration, followed by the drawing of the winning raffle tickets for the Create Your Own Adventure raffle. For more information, please email Susan Cook, Stewardship Chair.
Spring Raffle
Final Push!

There are just two weeks to go before the Spring Raffle Grand Drawing! Plenty of time to sell your remaining tickets! If you have already sold your tickets and can sell more, please stop by the Raffle table in the Parish Hall on Sundays, or see Hannah in the office and pick them up. If you haven’t yet picked up any tickets to sell, please email Bill Adams and he will get them to you. You are the key to our success! When you have finished selling your tickets, please bring the stubs and payment to Bill or Hannah before the drawing on June 26th.
For more information on the Spring Raffle, click here.
A Message
From Our
Governing Board

During the Annual Meeting on June 12th, our Governing Board President, Taryn Friedman, gave a wonderful address. She said, " I want to say how grateful I am that First Parish is alive and well. I know that so many of us are tired, stressed, overworked, overcommitted, and very much in need of more and more self care during these difficult times. We need this amazing church community and all that it brings to our lives more than ever! And yet, keeping our spiritual home alive takes many hands. It was an awe inspiring endeavor that we worked as a congregation for the Church for Everybody Campaign. If we can come together for a major building renovation to renew and strengthen the bones of our physical church, I believe that we can also come together to ensure we have the financial nutrients to fuel our daily operations, support our staff, and share the load as volunteer committee members." To read the full statement, please click here. To read the minutes from the Annual Meeting, please click here.
First Parish Received
The Bennett Award!
First Parish was recognized for our outstanding work in support of the Indigenous People of Maine! The Bennett Award was instituted in 1999 by Dr. James R. Bennett to honor a Unitarian Universalist congregation that has done exemplary work in social justice. The citation reads: “This congregation's ministry with the Wabanaki peoples and several of their community organizations is a powerful example of how UU communities can engage in both the internal and external work to support indigenous liberation and sovereignty. The depth of their relationship, that is enhanced by the honest self-learning and acknowledgment of historical harms caused by the congregation, has contributed to an ongoing truth-telling and healing process that creates an accountable and shared foundation for mutual liberation. In addition, their model of learning and engagement is one that has been shared with their state action network, and successfully replicated among other congregations in Maine.” Congrats to the Wabanaki Ally Team!
Wayside Pulpit
What's Going On
Within The UUA?

If you are interested in learning about what is happening within the UUA, check out these regional and national newsletters!
 Pastoral Care Needs
If you wish to speak confidentially with a member of the Pastoral Care Team following our streaming services on Sundays, please send an email to team leader Judy Micoleau and a member will get back to you as soon as possible.
Getting In Touch
With First Parish

It may take a few days to return phone messages, so email is the best way to reach all First Parish staff. Please keep in mind that Toben and Laurie work part-time, and will return messages when they are able. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Rev. Elaine Peresluha
Interim Minister

Hannah Gilman
Congregational Administrator

Toben Cooney-Callnan
Director of Faith Formation

Laurie Hasty
Membership Coordinator

Moe Blanchard
425 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04101

 Nurture the Spirit, Grow in Community, 
and Help Heal the World