17 July 2020

Le Journal

from the head of school

Re-Opening School Update
Dear Families,

Thank you to all that watched our town hall on Facebook. We had more than 200 live viewers, a new record! You can view the recording of the meeting here on Facebook. (You do not need a Facebook account to view this video.) Click here to download the video on your device.

If you would like to change your answer to the last survey we sent out or did not get to answer the survey, please email communication@academielafayette.org
Please include:
  • Child(ren)'s name(s)
  • Campus(es)
  • Grade level(s)
  • What schooling option you would like to choose (it's ok to pick different options depending on the child) 
    • A. Online only
    • B. Two days in-person and three days online (Group A: Mo/Tu at school, Wed/Th/Fr online) (Group B: Mo/Tu/Wed online, Th/Fr at school). Students in the same household will be placed in the same group
    • C. Four days a week in-person (M/T/Th/Fr) and Wednesday online (cleaning day)
  • Whether you would need bus service (if so, please indicate am, pm, or both)
As we already indicated, all options are being fully considered and we will share our final plan by the end of the month. A Frequently Asked Questions will be published next week on the AL website to address the many interrogations our families may have.

It is an understatement to say that this is a very complex global situation and we would like to take the time to thoroughly examine all the aspects in our planning process. We are very confident that the collective effort of each and every member of our school community will be determinant in providing a safe and nurturing learning environment to our students.

Thank you very much for your trust in and strong support of our school.

Have a fun and safe weekend.

Elimane Mbengue
Head of School


In This Edition:


Upcoming Events

July 6 - July 24
Summer School Second Session Online classes
July 22
Diversity Meeting, 6pm Online
August 10
Board Meeting, 6:30pm Online, AL FB page

Access the 2020-21 school calendar by clicking here


Re-Enrollment Due TodayEnrollment

Re-enrollment STEP 2 has been sent to your emails. Please use the link provided in your email and check your spam folder.  All required forms, including 'Proof of Residency' must be uploaded with the re-enrollment form in order to submit. Re-enrollment deadline is today July 17thEven if you are unsure at this time, please fill out your re-enrollment paperwork so we can continue with our 20/21 preparations. Contact Peggy Arians at  parians@academielafayette.org if you have any questions. 

*If you have a new kindergarten sibling for 20-21 please verify that you applied through SchoolAppKC and your enrollment has been verified in your SchoolMint account. If you haven't or have questions please contact Admissions Director Robyn King at rking@academielafayette.org.


Diversity Meeting Notice Diversity

The Académie Lafayette Diversity Committee will meet virtually on July 22, 2020 at 6 pm the link will be provided on the calendar. 


Grades 6-9 Summer Spirit WeekSpirit



The third floor of Armour is undergoing renovations in preparation for the opening of Académie Lafayette International High School in August. Take a look at some photos of our English and math classrooms. They have been updated with new flexible classroom furniture and beautiful cabinetry. We will share photos of our new multimedia journalism room and maker space later this summer.  We can't wait to get our first freshman class into these spaces!


Social Work and Counseling CornerSocialCorner

Supporting Each Other:
The pandemic continues to have a devastating effect on the financial situations of many of our AL families.  The   GoFundMe set up by the PTO is still accepting donations to help them stay on their feet.  Thank you so much to those who have made donations already.  These funds have been used to provide assistance with utilities, rent, food, diapers and other basic necessities.   Our community's commitment to taking care of each other is awe inspiring.

Thank you so much to Meghan Downey for her tireless work to help our AL families.  Since March, she has been coordinating with other parents to gather funds, grocery shop and assemble bags of food for families who utilize our food service.  We have seen kids faces light up at the receipt of these grocery bags. This is because Meghan took care to include special treats like Easter candy in addition to healthy foods for the whole family.  Thank you Meghan.  Your work has helped many during these difficult times.

Did you know that the Counseling and Social Services Department has a website? Click here to check it out. The site has the following resources and much more: financial & employment assistancetools & activities for parents at home with their studentscoronavirus resourceshelp-lines & hotlines. We will be updating the website this Summer with new resources for back to school days in August. Stay tuned for more!

Food Service:
Also, we are offering food deliveries between 11-1:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please email your campus counselor or social worker to sign up for deliveries.  Deliveries currently include sack lunches, family dinners and groceries.
If you would like to pick up food, you may do so between 1-2:00 at Armour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday.  You do not need to sign up in advance.  Just come to the east door on McGee Street. We can provide lunches to all children in your family under the age of 18 even if they do not attend AL.

Mental Health / Parenting Resources:


Diverse Charter Schools Coalition (DCSC): ResourcesDCSC


Fall School Supplies OrdersSupplies

school_supplies_tool.jpg Dear Parents,

Our school is participating in a school supplies program with Yubbler.com this year. When you purchase your school supplies on Yubbler.com, our school will receive 50% of the profits!

* One-click ordering makes back-to-school shopping simple!
* All lists are teacher approved
* Parents can customize orders (buy only what you need)
* Quality, name-brand products you trust
* Low prices and next-day shipping to your home
* The school gets half the profits!

Register for a coupon code here. Visit Yubbler to order today! 


Technology and EquipmentTech



  • To help answer your questions, we have created our Covid-19 webpage, which will be updated as we have more information to share.  If, at any time, you have a question, concern or information to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teachers, counselors, principals or Mr. Mbengue.
  • We will continue to communicate with families and students through emails, all-calls, website and social media updates. We are also exploring the possibility of text messages with families.


Oak Street Campus
6903 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64113

Cherry Street Campus
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