28 August 2020

Le Journal

from the head of school

A Message from the Board President  

Dear A.L. Parents and Community members,

Académie Lafayette prides itself on being the proverbial big tent.  We are able to embrace differing viewpoints, life experiences, and cultural models.  While we may not all agree on political positions or social norms, we embrace our differences.  The Board of Académie Lafayette is charged with setting the policies of the school; it is the financial fiduciary of the school; guides the long-term strategic goals; and hires/evaluates the head of school.  The operational decisions for Académie Lafayette rest in the more than capable hands of Mr. Mbengue, in whom we are quite confident.

Several years ago our school made Diversity and Inclusion an integral part of its strategic plan.  Pursuant to those efforts, we created a Diversity Committee to make sure goals were set and achieved.  We continue that evolving and ongoing process this year by examining our curriculum, and making necessary changes where appropriate, in order to make sure our children are learning in an environment that reflects the mosaic that is Académie Lafayette.  The ideas being proposed will be forwarded to the Diversity Committee for consideration with the input, insights, and decisions on implementation from our Head of School.

Académie Lafayette will not engage in excluding anyone from its family because they look differently or think differently or feel differently from the mainstream-whatever that mainstream is. However, we will NOT tolerate racism or bias in any classroom and all of our teachers will be evaluated this year and going forward on their efforts to ensure inclusion and equity after thoughtfully engaging in DEI professional development in accordance with our internal policies. Our school is premised on our children being exposed and immersed in a world that is not like their own.  We believe that immersion in a different culture makes them more engaged, more accepting, and more adventuresome.  We plan to continue to be a school that encourages world views, embraces our differences, and includes all those who are willing to join.
Thank you for your trust in and support of our educational program.
Thank you,

Jon Otto
President, Board of Directors
Elimane MBengue
Head of School


In This Edition:


Upcoming Events

September 1
Oak Student Success Night, 6pm virtual

September 7
No School-Labor Day
September 2
Armour Student Success Night, 6pm virtual

September 14
Board Meeting online AL FB Page
September 3
Cherry Student Success Night, 6pm virtual

September 28
No School-School Improvement Day

Access the 2020-21 school calendar by clicking here


Chromebook annual fundChromefund

Académie Lafayette is currently trying to purchase more Chromebooks to accommodate students on our waiting list. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Chromebook fund, click here and choose the first option.


Special Board Meeting NoticeSPmtg

The Académie Lafayette Board of Directors will meet virtually on Aug. 31, 2020 at 5 pm on the AL Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/LafayetteKC/). Click here to read the agenda.


Technology needs surveytechneeds

Dear Parents,

If you did not fill out a technology needs survey to indicate your needs please use this waiting list survey. Click here. You will be automatically entered into a waiting list and will be contacted as we are receiving our devices.

Thank you


Oak & Cherry Campus Families - K-5 Supply & Textbook Pick-UpOCSupply

We will be handing out supplies for ALL K-5 students at the Oak Campus parking lot starting September 1st from 5-7pm. If you are unable to pick up during that time, they will continue to be available for pick up starting on September 2nd from 12-4pm.  
(You will ring the doorbell at the Oak main entrance, we will ask you which kit you need and someone will bring it out to you.)
*We are still waiting on some items to arrive for some grade levels, you will be contacted by your teacher if there are any additional items to pick up.


Armour Supply & Textbook PickupASupply

Attention Armour Middle & High School Families:

On Tuesday, September 1st between 5:00 and 7:00 pm, please come to the back parking lot of Armour campus to pick up some supplies your student will need for online learning.  We ask that you stay in your car and wear a mask.  We will bring you your supplies as you pull up.  If you cannot come during this time frame, you are welcome to come during food pick up hours (12-1:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the east door of Armour on McGee Street).


 K-5 Student Success Night 
(Oak and Cherry)K5SNight

K-5 Student Success Night will take place online on Tuesday, September 1st for Oak and Thursday, September 3rd for Cherry. It is an opportunity for parents to engage with their child's teacher and learn how they can support student achievement. Teachers will inform parents about their google classroom (or website) and their online learning schedule.  We will also share info about curriculum, instructional practices, assessment and grading.  Please plan to join us so we can empower parents to help their students at home.

We will have 3 virtual sessions. Please plan to join your child's homeroom at 6:00 for a message from the principal and then a meeting with the teacher.
  • Session 1: 6:00-6:40-  Virtual Meeting with Homeroom Teacher
  • Session 2: 6:45-7:15 Virtual Meeting with Homeroom Teacher #2 (for parents with multiple kids), or Virtual Meeting with English/Support Teachers
  • Session 3: 7:20-7:50- Virtual Meeting with English/Support Teachers
Please look for an email from your child's teachers with the specific links/meeting invites for your child. 


Armour Student Success NightArmournight

The Armour Student Success Night happening next week will be virtual. Armour Middle and High School parents will receive an email with the link to the teacher videos on Wednesday, September 2nd, by 4 pm.


Annual $10,000 Cash Raffle OnlineTendollar

The Annual $10,000 Cash Raffle has gone completely online this year! Please look out for all the information on the 2020 Raffle in your email on Monday, August 31st. 

Kick-off will be Tuesday, September 1st, and the winner will be drawn on Saturday, October 31st. 


Kinsa FLUency programNurseFlu

Dear AL families, 

As we approach the school year, the nursing and social work teams would like to help support your families as much as possible.  This program is only available for our K-5 families. 

Académie Lafayette has once again been granted a spot in the Kinsa FLUency program for the 20-21 school year. This program, which normally starts in late September, has added a waitlist feature this year due to COVID-19 which allows families to sign up for the program early.  The FLUency program gives one free Kinsa thermometer to interested families in the community and provides a community illness tracker in their app so families can see what illnesses are going around the school community.  All personal information is kept completely private while notifying the broader AL community of communicable illnesses. 


AL Pre-K new start date Sept. 8thPreK

AL Pre-K parents,
The new start date for the Pre-K seats at Emmanuel has changed to Tuesday, Sept. 8th. Due to the current circumstances, this date is subject to change. Please contact Emmanuel immediately to complete your registration if you have not.  
For questions contact Robyn King at rking@academielafayette.org.


19-20 Yearbook Delivery DelayYB

Our yearbooks have been ordered but like all businesses in the world, LifeTouch is experiencing some delays in production. This is due to their factories being affected by COVID. Click here to read the letter from LifeTouch. 


Textbook ReturnBookreturn

If you have any textbooks or novels from last school year at home, please drop them off at Armour between 12-1pm on Tuesdays or Thursday.  Come to the east door on McGree Street.


Social Work and Counseling CornerSocialCorner

Food pick up changed to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 1pm.  The location is the east door of the Armour campus on McGee Street. Deliveries will also take place on that day. Please contact your school counselor or social worker if you need deliveries. This is available to all families.  We want to say a special thank you to the volunteers from St. John's Methodist Church for helping us with deliveries.

Check out our AL Counseling and Social Services Department website!


Fall School Supplies OrdersSupplies

school_supplies_tool.jpg Dear Parents,

Our school is participating in a school supplies program with Yubbler.com this year. When you purchase your school supplies on Yubbler.com, our school will receive 50% of the profits!

* One-click ordering makes back-to-school shopping simple!
* All lists are teacher approved
* Parents can customize orders (buy only what you need)
* Quality, name-brand products you trust
* Low prices and next-day shipping to your home
* The school gets half the profits!

Register for a coupon code here. Visit Yubbler to order today! 


Technology and EquipmentTech



  • To help answer your questions, we have created our Covid-19 webpage, which will be updated as we have more information to share.  If, at any time, you have a question, concern or information to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teachers, counselors, principals or Mr. Mbengue.
  • We will continue to communicate with families and students through emails, all-calls, website and social media updates. We are also exploring the possibility of text messages with families.
  • Looking to build your community? 
    Get going today by joining our private Facebook group here. You will need to answer the three security questions before being granted access. 


Diverse Charter Schools Coalition (DCSC): ResourcesDCSC


Oak Street Campus
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Armour Campus,
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Cherry Street Campus
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