Spring 2017

Provost's Message 
Dr. Sylvia Alva

Spring is finally here. Growing up in Los Angeles, I associate springtime with warmer and longer days, Dodger baseball, weekend hikes and a new planting and growing season. For those of us who have the privilege of working in higher education, spring brings countless opportunities to harvest and celebrate the success of our work, none more visible and significant than our commencement exercises in June. This year, we hope to have the largest graduating class in our history. Academic Affairs will be recognizing outstanding faculty with the Provost's Award for Excellence, the George P. Hart Award and announcing the recipients of the Teacher-Scholar awards and intramural grants for their excellence in teaching and scholarly and creative work. We also honor the recipients of the Outstanding Advisors awards and the Provost Staff Awards. I look forward to thanking all of our dedicated staff in Academic Affairs at our staff appreciation luncheon for their commitment to our academic mission and the success of our students. This year's staff appreciation event will have a western theme - start combing your closets for western attire.

Congratulations! 2017 Provost's Awards for Excellence:
Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities
Dr. Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman, Associate Professor of Music
Excellence in Service
Dr. David Speak, Professor of Political Science
Excellence in Teaching
Dr. Kamran Abedini, Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

In closing, I want you to know how much I appreciate what you do to make Cal Poly Pomona a premier polytechnic university that cultivates success through a diverse culture of experiential learning, discovery and innovation. Thank you.

Student Success
Dr. Terri Gomez

The California Promise
Senate Bill 412 passed and established The California Promise. Our Four Year and Two Year Transfer Graduation Pledge Programs are now part of the system-wide name of The California Promise Program. The intent of the legislature is that the California State University system increase graduation rates at CSU campuses for low-income students, first generation students, and students from underrepresented minority groups quickly. The California Promise supports freshman students in earning a baccalaureate degree within four years, or two years for community college Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) students. Student participants must be California residents.

Individual Academic Plan Updates
Individual Academic Plan (IAP) is a tool to help students plan for graduation prior to semester conversion. Please contact Erin Lion DeRosa, Senior Coordinator for University Advising, at ederosa@cpp.edu for more information.

New Bronco Advising Center 
One Stop Student Services is re-branding to better serve Cal Poly Pomona students. In addition to assisting students with enrollment-related questions, the new Bronco Advising Center (BAC) will provide general academic advising and support strategic communication efforts and success initiatives. BAC eliminates the need for a student to travel across campus, or call multiple departments to get answers. The re-branding roll-out will begin in late June with a new logo and redesigned website.  

Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Larisa Preiser-Houy

Our self-study for WSCUC re-accreditation begins this term. It provides us with a valuable new opportunity to reflect upon, demonstrate and affirm our commitment to high-quality education, evidence-based decision making, and contribution to the public good. In the coming weeks, representatives from across divisions will come together to engage in self-reflection and analysis of our strengths and areas for further development as we write the institutional report for the WSCUC Commission.  We look forward to your involvement, feedback and engagement with this important campus initiative. For more information on Cal Poly Pomona's WSCUC accreditation process and campus events, including the upcoming 2017 Summer Assessment Institute, please visit our WSCUC website    

Academic Planning & Faculty Affairs
Dr. Sep Eskandari

Academic Master Plan
Over 100 faculty, students, staff, and administrators engaged in developing the Academic Master Plan. Information about the Academic Master Plan will be shared with the campus community at a town hall meeting on Thursday, June 1, 2017 (noon to 1:30 p.m.). For additional information, please see:   http://www.cpp.edu/~academicplan/.

Tenure-Track Faculty Hiring
28 tenure-track faculty searches are progressing during this year academic year. 37 tenure-track faculty searches have been approved for the 2017-18 academic year, which will result in recruiting the first tenure-track faculty cohort hired on the semester calendar in academic year 2018-19. We will be funding two positions associated with a strategic cluster area.

Research Innovation & Economic Development
Dr. Sadiq Shah

Proposal Review and Approval
The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) has streamlined the proposal development, submission and setting up an account for award notification. If you are planning to submit a proposal, please reach out to ORSP and let them know and they will be able to guide you through the new process. You may also access information out new website at: https://www.cpp.edu/~research/rsp/cayuse.shtml

Maximize Your Chances to Secure NSF Funding
During the December 2016 NSF workshop, organized by the Faculty Development Center and the Office of Research, Innovation & Economic Development, Cal Poly Pomona faculty who have both received NSF grants and served on the NSF review panels shared their experiences and strategies for success. The workshop was recorded, and it is now available for viewing at ORIED's website at the following link:

Enrollment Management & Services
Kathleen Street

Admission applications reached an all-time high of 50,300 for Fall 2017 demonstrating that Cal Poly Pomona is becoming the first choice university for more students each year. The first phase of admission and financial aid offers were sent out in December which is 1 ½ months earlier than prior years. Fall 2017 enrollment is expected to be similar to Fall 2016 enrollment at 24,000 students. We will enroll about 850 fewer entering freshmen and transfers to maintain incremental enrollment growth that supports student success within the capacity of the campus. www.cpp.edu/~enrollment/index.shtml

Academic Research & Resources
Lisa Rotunni

Recently, we contacted more than eight thousand students, freshmen and graduating seniors, with an invitation to participate in The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).  More than 14% have already responded to questions that provide perspective for our campus and 650 institutions nationwide.  Students can reach the survey via a link on Blackboard through June 1.  Those who finish it can win a drawing for BroncoBucks!  Our goal is to reach the average institutional response rate of 20% or more.  For information about this or other activities and a wide array of campus data, visit www.cpp.edu/arar.

Semester Conversion
Dr. Francelina Neto

Fall 2018 is rapidly approaching! We made great progress preparing for the transition from quarters to semesters: the 2018-19 catalog production is underway, students with less than 60 units to degree are being advised to graduate in quarters. We are testing system features and processes to ensure a smooth transition.

The Office of Academic Programs and the Semester Conversion Office are currently working on the final stages of curriculum approval and the tables that will guide curriculum transfer between courses in quarters to semesters. These conversion guides are being reviewed. Once complete, they will be used for transitional student advising and updating Degree Progress Reports (DPR). Additionally, departments are reviewing pre- and co-requisites for semester courses. These achievements would not have been possible without your dedication determination and collaboration.

For more information please visit the semester conversion web site at http://www.cpp.edu/~semester/

College News
College of Environmental Design
The Department of Art will receive a $65,000 active-learning classroom through an Active Learning Center program grant. The Steelcase Education grant includes design, installation, movable furniture and on-site training for class amenities. Cal Poly Pomona is one of only 15 institutions in the country selected to receive a classroom.

College of Engineering
In on-going efforts to instill interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math   ematics) in young minds, the College of Engineering held its second annual Femineer Summit. To learn more about Femineers, visit: http://www.cpp.edu/~engineering/diversity/cppwe/femineers.shtml

College of Science 
The College of Science grew to 4,400 students this fall and welcomed thirteen new tenure-track faculty. To maximize student success, the College of Science Advising Center has implemented group advising for the first time this academic year. Our facul ty have been awarded $4 million in grants this year totalin g $12 millio n, including several 
  National Science Foundation grants. External support provides students with hands-on experiences in research. We are looking forward to the 12th Annual Science Research Symposium on May 26
Collins College of Hospitality Managem ent
The Collins College of Hospitality Management raised more than $530,000 at Hospitality Uncorked 2017 while hon or ing Gina Gallo, senior winemaker for Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery, and her husband Jean-Charles Boisset, Proprietor for the Boisset Cololection, with the Robert Mondavi Wine & Food Award. Visit our web site.