Summer 2017 - vol. 3

Provost's Welcome   
Dr. Sylvia Alva
Dear Colleagues:  
We have completed a national search for the next dean of the College of Engineering. I am   pleased to inform you that Dr. Joe Rencis has accepted the position of Dean for the college. He will join Cal Pol y   Pomona on Thursday, August 31, 2017.  
Dr. Joe Rencis is a career-focused educator with a demonstrated commitment to student success. He leaves Tenn essee Tech University, where he served as Dean of Engineering, to join Cal Poly Pomona. He is an experienced and visionary leader with a long list of significant leadership accomplishments, including a recent leadership role as the President of the American Society for Engineering Education. He also brings to Cal Poly Pomona a solid track record of connecting Engineering faculty and students with alumni, donors and industry partners. I am confident that Dr. Rencis will continue to expand and elevate the college's reputation and impact.

I want to thank the search committee for identifying a strong applicant pool and finalists, and for conducting a smooth and successful search. Thank you for your hard work and diligence. I want to recognize Dr. Halima El Naga for her strong leadership as chair of the search committee.

Please see the PolyCentric article for full details
Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
Cordelia Ontiveros

I want to take this opportunity to thank Interim Dean Cordelia Ontiveros for her leadership and service to the students, staff and faculty in the College of Engineering.

I am also pleased to announce that effective Thursday, August 31, 2017, Dr. Ontiveros will assume the role of Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs. We are currently conducting a national search for a permanent AVP for Faculty Affairs and appreciate the leadership and experience she brings to this key position in Academic Affairs while the recruitment process unfolds. With over 30 years experience in the CSU, including serving at Cal Poly Pomona as a professor, department chair, associate dean, interim dean, previous AVP for faculty affairs and serving as senior director for academic human resources in the Chancellor's office, Cordelia brings an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to this position. Join me in welcoming Dr. Cordelia Ontiveros to her new position.

Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Planning    
Sep Eskandari  

As a campus, we are becoming more intentional in defining the strategic direction of the universit y and division through a more integrated approach to planning. Through an interactive, consultative process with br o ad campus engagement, we have updated Cal Poly Pomona's mission and values. We have also identified initi atives and action items in our new University Strategic Plan and Academic Master Plan that will require continued campus engagement. In order to further facilitate the continued development and integration of these plans, the opportunity to re-establish the AVP for Faculty Affairs and the AVP for Academic Planning as two separate positions became increasingly evident. As noted earlier, we are conducting a national search for the permanent AVP for Faculty Affairs. In the meantime, I would like to thank Dr. Sep Eskandari for continuing to   lead and assist us with a host of academic planning issues, as the Interim AVP for Academic Planning.
Dr. Sep Eskandari, former Interim Associate Vice President (IAVP) for Academic Planning and Faculty Affairs will continue in his role of IAVP for Academic Planning. His primary responsibilities will be to provide leadership in the administration of strategic planning, budget oversight, and academic policies. As previous chair of the Academic Senate, and professor & chair of the Biological Sciences department, Dr. Eskandari brings over 17 years of experience to this role. He has a wealth of institutional knowledge, and diplomacy that has served him well in previous positions, and I look forward to the continued contributions he will make to our division and the institution as a whole.