Congratulations to the UC San Diego Class of 2020! 

And a hearty thank you to all of the dedicated staff and faculty who made our virtual Commencement possible. The Commencement website has recordings of the ceremonies, and the university is using feedback from participants to help us improve our online events in the future. 

In this post-Commencement week, it was wonderful to see the Regents of the University of California endorsing the repeal of Prop 209 and the passage of ACA 5 . This is just one piece of the work that needs to be done to address structural racism and anti-Blackness in CA and throughout the UC system, as this interview with Athletic Director Earl Edwards reminds us. At UC San Diego, the academic deans of General Campus, Marine Sciences, and Health Sciences have begun working with members of their divisions on plans for reflection and action to combat systemic racism. They will be coordinating their efforts through the university’s EDI Strategic Plan and EDI Accountability Framework, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  

I hope that everyone is able to take a bit of time to relax and spend time with family, now that the academic year is over -- and before summer session begins.

-Elizabeth H. Simmons