Academic Challenge 2, Part 2, Due 12/2

Need Some Ideas for Entertaining the Kids During the Thanksgiving Break? Fear Not! Academic Challenge to the Rescue! 
We have a very impressive and beautiful collection of images! You can see all of them here

Thank you to all the students and their parents who submitted images for Part 1 of Briarlake Academic Challenge 2. We want to acknowledge especially Vivian Moore, Eston McDow, Caddock and Keely Carter, Daniel Glonty, Ian and Aaron Gerstle, and Cassiopee Amblard, who worked with their parents to take photographs using microscopes themselves.  Cassiopee even used a scanning electron microscope!  Their images are here

For Part 2 of the Challenge, we have selected 10 images for you all (students, parents, teachers) to guess.  The images are posted in the hallway and the entry forms are in the front office.  Alternatively, you can enter your guesses online .  

The due date is 12/02/2016
Remember in order to complete the Challenge, you must participate in both Part 1 and Part 2.   Good luck!


Briarlake Elementary PTA