PA Academic Forum Masthead
September 15, 2017

Dear LaGuardia Community:

Announcing the First Academic Forum* Meeting of 2017/2018

Navigating LaGuardia High School
A Guide for New-to-the-School Parents 
6:00pm -  Tuesday, September 19 in The Little Flower Theater
Join us for an informational panel where we will answer as many questions as possible, such as:
  • What is a Conference Day, an OP, a 'black out?"
  • How does my child join a sports team and after-school clubs?
  • What is the secret to successful parent/teacher conferences at LaG?
  • Why is my Freshman son in algebra while his friend is in geometry?
We will address these and other topics specific to incoming freshman and new students.
Do you plan to attend?  Click here.

*The Academic Forum is a subgroup of the Parents Association focusing on Academic matters at LaGuardia. Meetings are held monthly on a range of topics with guest speakers and parent panels.

Please contact us if you have a specific question or concerns you would like addressed at the meeting.

Academic Forum Co-Chairs:
  Pam Godwin
  Andrea Hollowell
  Shindy Johnson
  Kristen Metzger


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