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Conquer Procrastination

By definition, 'to procrastinate' means to put off something intentionally and habitually. Academically, you are responsible for balancing multiple subjects, assignments/class tasks, and deadlines - all while you are trying to be an active learner.

  • Achieve Your Goals: Rather than find ways to delay - learn what strategies will help you complete your academic goals both big and small within your planned timeframe.

  • Schedule Breaks: While procrastination evokes feelings of being short on time - finding time for planned breaks will increase your productivity and ability to focus.

´╗┐Now is the perfect time to break the procrastination cycle!
Achieve Your Goals
Create Mini-Deadlines For Yourself

Don't just write your due dates down!

 Break assignments into smaller, manageable tasks and set personal deadlines for yourself to get them done. 
  1. Block Distractions: Avoid activities that aren't helping you get your work done. Pick one task and stick to it!
  2. Create a Workspace and Schedule: Your surroundings help signal to your brain what its focus should be. Create patterns and routine that signal "WORK."
  3. Build In Flex Time: Let yourself plan to be adaptable. Build in time in case life happens or something takes longer than anticipated!
  4. Reward Yourself: Take breaks as you finish tasks and do something you enjoy. Give yourself things to look forward to.
Inside The Mind Of a Master Procrastinator
Schedule Breaks
Breaks Make You More Productive

It has been proven in numerous scientific studies that taking a break helps students with productivity and focus. But - be sure you are taking the right kind of breaks:

  • Plan your breaks
  • Shift distractions into activities to do during breaks
  • Use breaks as a reward for focusing or getting something done
Manage Your Time With The Pomodoro Technique
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