February 2021
Executive Coaching Practice Partnering with CUNY Presidents
We are proud to be partnering with the City University of New York Chancellor’s Office and new system presidents on customized transition and onboarding services paired with executive coaching support. Last month, our Executive Coaching Practice Leader Steven Titus spoke with CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez about this forward-thinking work. We are honored to be a part of this initiative that seeks to optimize leadership through growth, capacity, sustainability, and well-being. 
Podcast: Leaders on Leadership with Jay Lemons
Jay Lemons talks with Dr. Barbara Mistick, President of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), about her non-traditional path to higher education leadership and how her early entrepreneurial experiences influenced her career journey. Dr. Mistick discusses the importance for aspiring leaders to seek out diverse experiences and build a deep network. She also touches on the need for today’s leaders to be empathetic and strategic in the face of crisis.
Jay Lemons talks with Dr. Clarence Wyatt, President of Monmouth College (IL). A historian, Dr. Wyatt reflects on what we can learn about leading in turbulent times from earlier periods in American history. In addition to sharing his own thoughts about what makes a good leader, he touches upon some of the characteristics that have consistently defined good leaders throughout history.
Jay Lemons is joined by Dr. Heidi Anderson, President of University of Maryland Eastern Shore, who talks about the mentors who influenced and encouraged her on her path to leadership. Dr. Anderson discusses the myriad benefits of public higher education and the challenges facing institutions as they work to address changes to the business model and the learning model in a post-pandemic world.

Featured Appointments
Guttman Community College
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Springfield College
Vice President for Leadership Development and Partnerships
American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Dean of the School of Social Work
The University of Alabama
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Excelsior College
Mastering the Presidential Search Process
Dr. Scott Flanagan joined Academic Search in 2019 after serving as president at Edgewood College (WI) from 2014-2019. A trusted partner to campus leaders, he has successfully completed or is in the process of leading searches for executive roles (including President, Provost, and Chief Financial Officer) as well as senior leaders in enrollment, student development, and academic affairs. In addition, Dr. Flanagan assists higher education leaders through mentoring and coaching, transition planning, and consulting in governance and strategic planning. Dr. Flanagan has shared his knowledge and experience in college athletics and higher education as a whole with Dr. Karen Weaver, serving on occasion as guest host on her Podcast Trustees and Presidents- Opportunities and Challenges In Intercollegiate Athletics.