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     April 1, 2018 - Special Edition
Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Spring is Springing
Please enjoy this special edition of the Academy News! Make sure to read all the way to the end for a special announcement!
Blackboard Downgrade: Faculty Now Posting Syllabi on Whiteboard
In response to a grassroots effort to get back to basics, faculty will now have the option of posting course syllabi on Blackboard or on an actual Whiteboard in their classrooms. Please see the Academy if you need an extra-strength magnet to post syllabi in the classrooms where you teach. Keeping several copies of the syllabus in a folder posted to the Whiteboard is recommended.
Saying Goodbye to Building D Cubicle Proves Tough for Dedicated Employee
Long after the rest of the Academy staff and their t hings have been moved to their new space in   Building F, Chris Dobson continues to work at his cubicle in Building D. Dobson is skeptical about the new Academy space, claiming that he's not sure it will "catch on." The state-of-the-art facility includes an experimental classroom, computer training room, faculty work lab with the latest instructional technology, and faculty lounge with comfortable seating and a kitchen. Dobson's motives have come into question since Academy staff members have spotted dozens of empty Starbucks cups around his cubicle. 
Harper Feeling Conflicted about Last Five Months without Fitness Center
Although many employees regularly utilized the facilities in Building M for cardio, strength training, and fitness courses, the months of being virtually exercise-free at work have provided a welcome break. Brian Knetl, Associate Provost and triathlete, explained, "I used to work out regularly during my lunch break, but I'v e really enjoyed the extra time to catch up on my Netflix queue." Other faculty and staff are reporting significant gains in their Game of Thrones episode completion rates. When asked if he will return to his lunchtime workout routine, Knetl stated adamantly, "The Fitness Center is really a resource for the entire Harper community. I would hate to take a treadmill or stationary bike away from a student or local taxpayer."
New Instructional Technology Available
The Academy is excited to announce that it is doubling down on sustainability as an official "Green Office" on campus by replacing all slide advancers with new pointers (pictured to the right). Pointers not only serve as an important instructional tool--some studies have shown that they may have a positive impact on classroom management. While the department has cut back significantly on battery costs, the savings have been offset by the recent purchase of safety glasses as recommended by the campus Risk Management Team.
Academy Gives Up after Unable to Keep Everyone on Same Page for Photo
After some long hours prepping and facilitating the Faculty Retreat, the Academy staff were unable to focus long enough to maintain a unified theme in group photos. In the obligatory serious face picture that is a staple of amateur group photographers, Melissa Baysingar, Instructional Designer, can be spotted breaking form unexpectedly. 
New Community of Practice Forming: Anti-Collaborative Learning
A cutting edge CoP is forming around the theme of "do your own thing." Members who want to take a step back from collaboration will be able to join this CoP. The group will have no meetings, neither on campus nor virtually as participants will work exclusively on their own. When CoPs have opportunities to share and workshop their projects, they will not be expected to participate as it goes against their mantra of "keep to youself." Apply now to join as this CoP is growing in popularity...we think.
Reducing my Carbon Footprint, editorial by Mike Bates
Did you know that every email you send destroys a tree branch?!? When you consider the additional power needed to run your computer, the email servers, etc., the energy required to send an email could power a 60W light bulb for three months!
I am doing my part to help reduce carbon emissions by eliminating email from my daily routine. All communications now come to me in paper form, with a cover page of course. I know what you're thinking...what about privacy? Well, to ensure security all memos are delivered in an interoffice envelope, which I throw out when I'm done. Easy! I hate clutter even more than I hate wasting electricity. By my estimation, I have saved 100 acres of rainforest just this week.

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  • New Strategic Plan Goals Emerging: World Peace, End Global Warming, Become First Community College to Land on Asteroid
Student Learning Showcase 
Report: Harper Instructors are Teaching Naked!
The Outcomes Assessment Office is receiving reports of faculty members Teaching Naked across campus! Be careful when you peek in others' classrooms, or you might spot your colleagues Teaching Naked too!
Harper faculty and staff learned how Teaching Naked can help students at last fall's Assessment Conference and Share Fair. One faculty member shared, "I didn't need to attend the conference*. One look at the title and I knew that was a teaching style for me!"

*The Outcomes Assessment Assessment Office and the Academy strongly encourage that you at least read workshop descriptions before implementing new classroom "practices."

And be sure to save the date for this year's Annual Assessment Conference and Share Fair!
What's up with this issue? April Fools'!
We hope you enjoyed our April Fools' edition of the Academy News! As a wise person once said: 

On a serious note, check out our upcoming programs and workshops! We hope to see you soon in our (and your) new space in F320! 
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