April 6, 2017
We are excited to announce two exciting student events! 

The Academy is hosting our first semi-formal dance on APRIL 28th from 6:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m at 1637 Long Beach Blvd. We will be transforming our outdoor yard into a beautiful space. Students are allowed to bring one guest. *Be sure to complete the  permission slip ASAP!* Cost $10 for Academy Student. $15 for Guest.

*Parent chaperones and volunteers needed.
Please contact Summer Sanders.

We are happy to celebrate the students who are achieving in grades, behavior, attendance, and coming to school on time by taking them to Disney's California Adventure! We will be participating in the Properties of Motion Physics Lab , then spending the rest of the day in the park. We are awaiting on confirmation for our mid-May date. The break even cost for each student is $120. We are asking for a donation of $20 -$120 to help with overall cost. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please let us know! Please make checks payable to Intellectual Virtues Academy.

*Parent chaperones needed. 
Please contact Summer Sanders.

I am excited to announce our 3rd Triton team of the year...Volleyball!  We currently have 8 players committed, although since Friday is the last day to turn in paperwork, you still have some time to join.   We are going to put a co-ed team in the United States Youth Volleyball League as the Tritons.  The focus is on learning the fundamentals of volleyball and having an opportunity to compete in 3 different tournaments. The practices are  Monday  and Fridays from  6 - 7:30pm  at Oak Street Middle School in Los Alamitos.  If carpooling is an issue, a generous Academy parent is willing to help out.  Go Tritons!!!
On Thurs. April 5th, the board approved the rental of the 10,000 sq foot green space next door to us. The Academy will be able to use this space for our lunch, Physical Education classes, and events.

We have hired a landscaper to prepare the space. It will be ready for use by next week. If you have an interest in yard beautification, please contact Michelle Earley.
The Academy held our Community Meeting on Thursday morning. The following students were given a virtue award:

  • Karmen Romero- Open-Mindedness
  • Venus Echevarria- Intellectual Tenacity/Carefulness
  • Rachel Arthur- Intellectual Tenacity/Curiosity
  • Kevin Arreaga- Intellectual Autonomy/Humility
  • Alonzo Meza-Mundo- Intellectual Attentiveness
  • Alaya Cobarrubia- Intellectual Thoroughness
  • Joshua Henry- Intellectual Thoroughness
  • Trenton Myles- Intellectual Thoroughness


Students were asked to tell their story of the high school journey so far. Here is Duke Haws' story:

As a club, we decided to begin by documenting the neighborhood in which the Academy is located. This focus seemed reasonable since the after school club exists only because of our Long Beach school.

This documentation was a hat tip to the reason for our existence.
  Almost immediately, we realized the inadequacy of this focus or rather the necessity of further defining it. Did a focus on "our neighborhood" exclude a narrower theme of beauty within the neighborhood?
Would we violate our founding principle by including shots of the club members?
Is this picture so focused on one thing that it excludes virtues like attentiveness? Or is this an example of attentiveness?
  It's these questions that we continue, on Wednesday afternoons, to ponder and visually capture ... 
A willingness to embrace intellectual challenge and struggle. Keeps its "eyes on the price" and doesn't give up.

Slogan: Embrace struggle!

At the Academy, the focus is on thinking and learning. Here are some suggestions on how to support your child's learning at home. Visit the website by clicking the links below for more information on supporting your child's learning at home.
  • Ask Questions
    One goal in helping to focus on learning is to assist students in figuring out as much as they can for themselves (e.g., constructing meaning). Ask questions that guide, without telling what to do. 

  • Thinking Routines at home
    The goal is that students learn and practicing intellectual virtues in their thinking. One thinking routine that can help in processing what students have learned – even if it doesn’t seem like they get all of the assignment – is “I Used To Think, Now I Think”. Another thinking routine that can help students expand on and explain their thinking is “What makes you say that."


Apr. 8- Restorative Academics

Apr. 14-21 -             SPRING BREAK

Apr. 25- Coffee Talk- Theme: Getting involved

Apr. 28- Black & White Dance. $10 for Academy Student. $15 for Guest.

Apr. 29- Restorative Academics

May 6- Restorative Academics

May 17- State of School 

May 20- Restorative Academics 

May 23- Coffee Talk

May 27- Restorative Academics

Mid-May- Physics Lab at Disneyland/CA Adventure $20-$120 donation

We are excited to add to our growing community. O ur school will over double next year, we need to recruit and hire more teachers that align with our mission and vision for positions such as foreign language and science. We have already received hundreds of applicants. We are looking forward to sharing who will be teaching at the Academy next year. 

Your input is important!   If you are interested in participating in the teacher hiring process, please contact Summer Sanders.            

We need spirited, creative, and motivated parents/guardians to partner with us for volunteer opportunities. For the remainder of the school year, we need:

  • Chaperones
  • Event Helpers
  • Creative Makers and Thinkers
  • Parent/Guardians To Be Included On Our Teacher Hiring Panel
  • Athletic Groupies for Carpooling
  • Family Alliance Association Leaders
  • Landscaping 
  • ...and More!
Email Summer Sanders if you are interested in volunteering! 

NOW is the time to tell anyone who is considering applying to the ACADEMY to rush their application! Spaces are now awarded on a first come, first served basis. The post-open enrollment waiting list has already begun building, and these applicants will be offered a seat in the order they are received.


Ask questions!

Think outside the box! 

Intellectual Courage
Take risks! 


Look and listen!

Intellectual Carefulness
Avoid errors!

Intellectual Thoroughness
Go deep! 


Intellectual Autonomy
Think for yourself!

Intellectual Humility
Admit what you don't know! 

Intellectual Tenacity
Embrace struggle!

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The Intellectual Virtues Academy is a public Long Beach high school, open to all students, authorized by Los Angles County Office of Education (LACOE).