February 16, 2020
All School Field Trip!
Intellectual Virtues Academy offers extracurricular activities and field trips to provide students with high school enriching activities and opportunities. This month, on  Tuesday, February 25th , we will be participating in an all school field trip to the Long Beach Art Theatre hosted by the Philosophy of Film class!

*Permission Slips must be turned in by Tuesday February 18th!
We celebrate Tricia Gumbs for getting accepted to Kansas State University to study Sociology.

Tricia: Tricia's calm does not tell the full story of her insatiable curiosity. She is a voracious reader, attentive listener, open-minded thinker, and supportive peer. In the almost 4 years I have known her, she has grown into a powerful, compassionate community member. Kansas State ( the college and the state), will be stronger once she arrives.
-Mr. Schmidt

We celebrate Adriana Aguilera for getting accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles to study Fashion Design!

Adriana: Through the time we have built our relationship, I have come to know Adriana as a passionate advocate for their core ideals, a deeply original and impactful thinker, and an honest and critical peer. Adriana sets a rigorous standard of authenticity, creativity, and truth for our community, and we are so much stronger as a whole because of their presence at the Academy. I can't wait to bear witness to Adriana's creative impact on our world.
- Mr. Schmidt
We celebrate Isaac Seydel for getting accepted to Reed College in Washington!

Isaac: Over this time, I have come to know Isaac for his intellectual curiosity, analytical rigor, and open-mindedness. Isaac has helped build our school. He is committed to learning for its own sake and driven by a thirst for questioning, understanding, and constant intellectual growth. These qualities have positioned Isaac as a leader in our community and any community he becomes a part of.
-Mr. Schmidt
Career Day is March 27th!
Inspired by our student's interests, industry professionals will be joining the Academy to speak to students about their careers, education, and passions. Career professionals include: a Marriage and Family Therapist, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Media & Music Entertainer, Nurse, and Mechanical Engineer. This list is growing!

We are still seeking people in the following industries.

  • Chemist, Biologist
  • Mechanic
  • Political Science/Gov't
  • Art, Design, Decorating
  • Something awesome!

If you or someone you know has experience in the following areas, and would be willing to speak with our students, please contact Makenna Briceno.
Our 1st Ever SENIOR PROM

The Academy will be partnering with a collection of small high schools to
offer a traditional prom experience on a Yacht!

Fantasea One Yacht in Marina Del Rey
APRIL 25th, 2020

Tickets will be $150 each, with a formal sit down dinner, drinks, pictures,
and entertainment are included.
Fundraising efforts will be offered.
Every senior who wants to attend will be able to attend!

DUE: March 1st!


February 17
No School

February 21
Spanish class Field Trip to Placita Olvera

February 22
Saturday Restorative Academy

February 28
Deadline for late work

March 2
Cash for College Workshop

March 6
Progress Reports

March 12
Knott's Physics Day

March 16 & 17
No school

April 8
Exhibition of Learning

April 25
PROM - Location: Marina Del Rey Fantasea One Yacht

June 11
Senior Awards Banquet!

June 13
Long Beach Art Theatre
Invite your Friends & Family to Join our Academy Family!
Did you know that if your student has a sibling they too can attend The Academy?
We encourage all families to apply for our lottery by the deadline and reserve your spot!

Help spread the word about the Academy this admission season!

The Academy is now accepting lottery applications for students going into 9th through 12th grade for next year. If you are a current Academy family, this is a  great time to  submit an application  for a sibling going into high school next year.

Most people hear about the Academy through word-of-mouth. To help continue our growth, this is a great time to encourage  friends, neighbors, and family members to submit an application. In addition to the organic conversations you have with family and friends, would you be willing to do some intentional marketing for our school? This might include:

  • keeping materials with you to pass out to family, friends, middle school acquaintances (materials are available by request)
  • introduce Mrs. Laura to possible community partners or family members!
  • inviting friends to join you on a school tour (click here for dates)
  • posting our events on your social media pages (AcademyLBHS)
  • hosting an in-home "What's the Academy?" event (your friends, Academy staff presents; Spanish translation included!)

Your support would not only be helpful for families searching for a good fit for high school, but it also helps us to increase the Academy's exposure throughout Long Beach and surrounding communities.

Thank you so much for considering! If interested, please email  Laura Cipperly to let us know you're willing to help!

Ask questions!
Think outside the box! 
Intellectual Courage
Take risks! 

Look and listen!
Intellectual Carefulness
Avoid errors!
Intellectual Thoroughness
Go deep! 

Intellectual Autonomy
Think for yourself!
Intellectual Humility
Admit what you don't
Intellectual Tenacity
Embrace struggle!
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