April 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Acadia Center and our continuing progress toward smarter energy policies. Read on for information on highlights from the past month.
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Daniel L. Sosland
Value of Solar
Acadia Center analyzed the value of distributed solar generation in  Connecticut and  Massachusetts. Establishing the value of distributed resources like rooftop solar is increasingly important as states explore ways to meet energy needs and deploy clean energy resources. The study took into account the societal value of solar, including economic benefits and the avoided social costs of pollutants.

Energy Efficiency and Avoided Energy Costs
Acadia Center is a leader in advancing and tracking energy efficiency investments, and recently released analysis that shows that since 2000, electric energy efficiency programs have reduced electricity demand in New England by over two gigawatts. Without electric efficiency programs in New England, during the winter of 2014 demand would have been 14% higher, the price of wholesale electricity would have been 24% higher, and overall costs for electricity would have been $1.5 billion higher.

Event Roundup 
Acadia Center staff have been busy this month participating in events, from a panel presentation on electrifying transportation at the Massachusetts Transportation Summit to a webinar on opportunities for clean energy and modernizing the power grid the New England Local Energy Network. Looking ahead to May, staff will participate in the New England Conference of Public Utility Commissioners Annual Meeting and more.