May 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Acadia Center and our continuing progress toward smarter energy policies. Read on for some highlights from the past month.
  • Acadia Center's data and policy experts present a new perspective on the energy outlook with a series in CommonWealth Magazine: Read Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Smart Grid Today recognized Director of the Grid Modernization Initiative and Director of the Rhode Island Office Abigail Anthony as a Smart Grid Pioneer. Acadia Center is taking the lead in advancing recommendations in several forums related to grid modernization in states and regionally. 
  • To help promote a cleaner future for transportation, Acadia Center's Staff Attorney Mark LeBel presented on EnergyVision at the panel "Full State Ahead: 12 Leaders Share Their Vision for Transportation" at the Massachusetts Transportation Summit hosted by Transportation for Massachusetts in Worcester.
  • Peter Shattuck, Director of the Clean Energy Initiative and the Massachusetts Office, along with Rebecca Morris of Climate XChange made a strong case for a carbon tax in Massachusetts at 
  • Acadia Center is pleased to announce that Chuck Quintero is joining the organization as Director of Clean Energy Community Engagement (Maine), where his focus will be on raising awareness, network building and advancing Acadia Center's clean energy program goals.
For a closer look at Acadia Center's in-depth research and advocacy, please check out our website for news clips, blog posts, publications and updates on our initiatives.


Daniel L. Sosland
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
Acadia Center is a leading advocate preparing RGGI stakeholders and allies for the 2016 Program Review process. The process, which will begin this summer, is an important opportunity to advance reforms that will build on the success of RGGI to date, deliver greater environmental and economic benefits and enable RGGI to meet the requirements of the Clean Power Plan. Acadia Center and partners released 2016 RGGI Program Review principles highlighting recommendations. 

Read More: FierceEnergy, SNL, Argus Media, Carbon Pulse and Utility Dive highlighted the report in coverage of the upcoming talks regarding RGGI. 
Net Metering and Solar Task Force
Drawing on recommendations and analysis outlined in UtilityVision and Value of Solar studies, Acadia Center is working to advance policies that will help increase the use of solar power and other clean resources, and also make sure that ratepayers are treated fairly. In advance of a hearing on June 2 at the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, Acadia Center developed a Next Generation Solar Policy Framework for Massachusetts, which has been endorsed by 52 organizations to date. Read the press release here.

Read More: Acadia Center provides key insights into Massachusetts' Net Metering and Solar Task Force's final report on our blog.
A Discussion about the Clean Energy Future for Rhode Island
Acadia Center invites you to a discussion hosted by the Rhode Island Foundation on Friday, June 26 from 10 AM to 12 PM that will lay out a strategic plan to achieve a new system that meets our energy needs and supports a fair, healthy economy and environment. 

The presentation will draw on the user-friendly visuals, recommendations and original research in our recent reports EnergyVision and UtilityVision, with background on trends from ClimateVision 2020. We hope you will join us.

Protecting Consumer Incentives: Fixed Charge Cap in CT

Acadia Center is leading advocacy for getting high fixed customer charges in Connecticut under control. This is an important measure to protect consumer incentives to save energy. Senate Bill 570, which passed the Senate on June 2, restricted the fixed charge by limiting the costs the utilities could put in it. This was a compromise approach; Acadia Center continues to recommend hard caps as the simplest and best solution. Acadia Center's Fixed Charge Impact Analysis and Press Release showed that most electric bills in Connecticut would decrease with a lower fixed charge, debunking false claims defending high fixed charges made in materials that Eversource circulated to legislators.


See More:  Bill Dornbos, Staff Attorney and Director of the Connecticut Office, participated in a Google hangout with representatives from Consumer Counsel, State of Connecticut and AARP Connecticut hosted by the Connecticut Mirror discussing variable rates and the fixed-rate cap with third-party electric retailers.