Our young people deserve the best we can give them.

Young people deserve to have antiracist programs and developmental relationships, which can help lead to the antiracist world we all deserve to live, work, and play in.

MENTOR Virginia hopes to launch an Antiracism Working Group in
March 2021 to create space for conversations and reflections that
move the mentoring field toward meaningful change.
What is the Antiracism Working Group?

The Antiracism Working Group is intended to provide a brave space for reflection and growth around topics including:
  • White Privilege & Superiority
  • Anti-Blackness & Racist Stereotypes
  • White Saviorism & Centering
The group will discuss additional topics that show up in the mentoring field everyday and have an adverse impact on youth of color.
Who is the Antiracism Working Group for?

The Antiracism Working Group is open to any staff member of a mentoring program who holds white privilege, including persons who are biracial, multiracial, or white-passing People of Color who benefit under systems of white supremacy. Note: this working group is not intended for People of Color who do not benefit under systems of white supremacy, as the topics of discussion may be traumatic.
How Will the Group Work?

Each week, members of the Antiracism Working Group will read and reflect on two sections of the Me and White Supremacy Workbook by Layla F. Saad. The group will meet once a week to discuss the two sections of the workbook and help each other deepen reflection and commitment to the work of being antiracist. The group will learn and grow together for 14 weeks.
Why Does MENTOR Virginia Want to Host an Antiracism Working Group?

Over the past year, our staff members who have white privilege have been reflecting on what it means to be antiracist in the mentoring field. Some staff members participated in a working group around the White Supremacy & Me Workbook with other mentoring colleagues and found it to be a very helpful way to more deeply understand how to practice antiracism everyday.

The goal of the working group is to increase each member’s personal awareness of and activism towards racial justice both personally and in the mentoring field, helping to change the oppressive systems operating in our work and world. Change starts within each of us!
At least 7 more people need to join in order for MENTOR Virginia to launch the Antiracism Working Group. Please sign up by 2/12/21!

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