September 2023

Accelerating Intelligent Public Operations
Built with durability, rely on BIXOLON’s POS and Auto-ID printing solutions to meet the needs of the law enforcement field as well as other public sectors. BIXOLON’s leading print technology provides frontline officers the solutions they need to enhance safety and improve work experience with activities such as:

Reduce time and cost of processing citation and drastically reduce the number of illegible tickets associated with handwriting. 
Parking Management

Optimally manage public parking resources with self-service ticket machines accessible 24/7. Saving labour cost of parking cashier.
Document & Records Management
Eliminates errors and costs related to manual operations. Quickly and easily keep track of records for enhanced productivity.
Meter Reading

Print utility service bills such as water, gas, electricity on the spot right in front of customer to simplify the billing process and improve accuracy.
Asset & Facility Management

Allow the public sector to gain increased visibility of their assets and streamline operations such as asset tracking and maintenance scheduling.
Click here to learn more about BIXOLON’s range of printing solutions related to specific applications in the public sector.
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Discover a Better Mobile Solution for Law Enforcement

Mobilize the police workforce with durable and reliable mobile printers for law enforcement activities. Click here to learn more.
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Sep 11-12, 2023
San Antonio, USA
LabelExpo Europe
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Sep 11-14, 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Pack Expo Las Vegas
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Sep 11-13, 2023
Las Vegas, USA
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Sep 13-15, 2023
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Paris Retail Week
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Sep 19-21, 2023
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Sep 19-21, 2023
Moscow, Russia
Korean Thanksgiving Break

In celebration of Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, BIXOLON Headquarters will be closed on September 28 through October 3. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and wish the rest of year is full of reasons to be grateful.