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Thursday, October 8, 2020
In 1967 as New York City was feeling the effects of the riots, Mel Epstein, Director of On-Air Promotions at New York's WNEW-TV, coined the phrase "It's 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?" The question was intended as a sobering reminder to parents to adhere to curfews and make sure that your children are safe. The phrase took on a life of its own as it spread around the nation. Today, 53 years later the phrase is still widely recognized as a call to those of us who are parents to make the safety of our children job #1.

I would like to pose a variation of that question to the two-thirds of our families whose student is learning from home through LaunchED, "It's 10 AM. Do you know what your student is doing?" Or, to ask it another way, "Do you know what your student is doing between the hours of 7:20 AM and 2:25 PM?"  
The truth is that too many of our LaunchED students are not actively engaged and participating in their classes on a consistent basis. Students are logging into their classes through Canvas, but once they log in, they "check out." Teachers are frequently reporting that a student's name appears on their Canvas page, but when the teacher calls on the student or asks them a question in chat, there is no response. They are not participating. Teachers, Counselors, Deans, and Administrators are making phone calls home to inquire about students not participating and to let the parent or guardian know that their student is not responding. In many of these instances, the parent or guardian is discovering that their student is at the computer but upon closer examination they discover that their student is doing something else. Please help us to help your student by ensuring that they are actively participating in all of their classes. Know for certain that your student is participating and learning every minute that school is in session.

Here are some helpful tips for ensuring that your student is getting the most out of LaunchED@Home:
Regularly monitor their screen to ensure Canvas is opened.
  • Ask your student daily to give you a brief recap of what they learned in each class.
  • Email your student's teachers and ask them if your student is participating.
  • Require your student to provide you with evidence of class participation.
  • Check Canvas and Skyward regularly for missing assignments.
  • Read all announcements and messages posted on Canvas.
  • Monitor to ensure your student is completing all tests.
We will begin a new nine-week quarter next Tuesday, October 13. These helpful tips when followed will make a BIG difference. Please do not read my words as being critical or judgmental. I write as one stakeholder in your student's education to you, another stakeholder in your student's education. We are partners and when we work together, your student succeeds! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Doug Loftus

Pictured at the very top: Celebrating National Custodian Day with our three custodians along with the front office staff last Friday, Oct. 2.
Custodians Jorge Quinonez, Angelic Troche, and Yirelis Santiago reading their gratitude cards.
Special Recognition
"Catching the winning behaviors!"
Each year, the dean of students gives a special award to a deserving student. Miguel Ramos is a student who exemplifies strong character and work ethic. He is model student and the staff absolutely thinks the world of him.
Chief Williams (far right) presenting the award to Miguel Ramos.
Miguel Ramos holding his recognition certificate with Chief Williams, dean of students.
COVID Shoot Out

Joely Franco (girls winner on the far left), Noel Morales (boys winner), and Kimberlin Santos (close second) posing after the free throw and three point contest.
Sgt. Ogburn, School Resource Officer, participates in the COVID Shoot Out.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Along the main hallway, AEHS has posters of all Spanish speaking nations including famous authors and maps (examples below).

Source: Pew Research Center; Read full article
Closing Image of the Week
Front office bulletin board for October greeting our guests

This Week's Motivational Moment!
Near the top of this week's issue we spotlight student Miguel Ramos who just received a very special award from our dean of students, Mr. James"Chief" Williams. If you scroll back up and look closely at the certificate Chief  Williams prepared, he specifically cites integrity and virtue as winning character traits exhibited by Miguel.

There are many important personal character traits that can help people succeed: taking action, not being afraid to innovate & to be different; having specific goals, focusing your time, and the power of persistence to name a few.  But if one lacks integrity, is not truly honest with themself, then these others really won't matter. It is very important that our students, like Miguel already practices, understand the importance of integrity and personal responsibility.

Student Miguel Ramos being publicly recognized this past week  for demonstrating integrity among other success traits by our dean of students, James "Chief" Williams. Chief Williams understands the importance of being a person of integrity after serving with much success for over 30 years as a member of the United States Air Force.

If one is a person of high integrity they will find support comes much more easily from other people. And as life unfolds, we all need the help of people to be successful. This will require you to connect with others and when they see that you are honest and dependable, that you really care, you will receive the help you may need. Integrity is a personal trait that we encourage our Phoenixes to practice every day, at home or at school.
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Mr. Doug Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Thursday, October 8, 2020
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