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 Monday, November 12, 2018
  VETERANS DAY (Observed)  
The weeks before extended vacations traditionally separate those with great focus, determination and self-starter skills than those with less than great skills.

In sports, you never look past an opponent to the following week. That's what championship teams do. And, our students can not look forward to next Friday's dismissal bell without first looking at what they must accomplish this Monday. Get better each day. I think we are headed in that direction and teachers and students are starting to buy into the idea of being present with their schoolwork and assignments.

These skills will be put to the test when we get to semester exams when the looming Winter Break will be a big distraction. Let's use this week to practice focus, determination and self-starter behavior by celebrating Thanksgiving Break when it arrives, and not a moment before.

Douglas K. Loftus

Pictured very top: Students holding their candy bars after being "bragged upon" by their teachers for their efforts - Shea Lewis, Nyomie Vega, John Maldonado, Joel Flores and Brianna Garcia.

AEHS Salutes its Veterans and Families that "Wore the Uniform"
Monday, November 12th is Veterans Day (observed) across the United States this year.

Rigor in the Classroom
U.S. History with Mrs. Shewchuck (an example of Close Reading in practice)

Above and right: Students annotating the text during a close reading lesson

How close reading works at Acceleration East High School
Acceleration East Talent
November's Talent Show

Natalie and Alexandra

Mr. Diaz performs on stage

Mr. Hall performs much to everyone's delight!

Denaliz in the Talent Show

Principal Loftus and Alexandra
Professional Development
Peer-to-peer classroom observations by AEHS educators . . .

Mr. DeMarco asking a few questions to the side while Mrs. Singh carries on teaching

Mrs. Singh and Mr. DeMarco together looking at a video presentation with the class

Mrs. Singh is teaching a close read lesson while Ms. Marshall takes notes

Mrs. Ker is seen here teaching art while Mrs. Singh observes her class. Peer-to-peer activity was a success thanks to the organization and preparation of the DPLC Team (District Professional Learning Committee).
Vital Signs

Source: Courtesy of Ms. Jenkins, AEHS Support Services
Class of 2019

A representative from Herff Jones recently spoke to the senior class regarding their class ring and cap & gown orders. And none too soon . . . this is already the 14th week of 2018-2019!
Parting Image of the Week . . .
Acceleration East's Media Center - the heart of our campus

Amanda Havner, our dynamic media clerk, does a super job in part by decorating the media center for the students. There is often a seasonal theme to it helping to make the media center a very inviting environment for students to research and study.
Monday's Motivational Moment!

A man bows his head during a special ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery last Friday.

Animated US Flag

On behalf of Acceleration East High School, thank you veterans for your commitment and sacrifices made. 
Mr. Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Monday, November 12, 2018
Veterans Day (Observed)

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