Ms. Trimble - Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)
Ms. Naffziger - Mathematics for College Readiness
Ms. Dipasquale - Agriculture Science
Ms. Singh - Biology
Mrs. Medina - World History
Ms. Shewchuk - U.S. History
Acceleration East High School
Community Brief
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
As an alumnus of FSU, sporting my Seminole face mask this past week as families came by campus for schedules and laptops.
We are at the mid-point of our first 2020-2021 school week with all students engaged through OCPS' innovative LaunchEd program. This includes those students that will be returning on Friday, August 21 for face-to-face instruction.
I realize that that many members of our school community have questions regarding virtual learning, so I highly recommend that they invest a little time exploring OCPS' website. The district has been working on the website around the clock to help answer our families' questions, so if this applies to your household, kindly do so today - OCPS website.  
I would like to congratulate Mr. Richard Diaz, our 2020-2021 Support Person of the Year! He does an incredible job serving as our school's technology support representative and is a real asset. He was nominated by his peers and if you should see him around the campus this month, please take a moment to say congratulations. This is a significant career achievement.  
This issue contains some highlights from recent days including this week as our teachers and staff worked to get the new school year off the ground successfully. I could not be more proud of everyone's efforts including those of our students and their families. I am reminded of the U.S. Marine Corps' slogan "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome", which is a mindset that allows Marines to deal with any physical, mental, or spiritual hardship. This reflects the actions of our present day Acceleration East High School community and the OCPS district.

Have a nice afternoon and thank you very much for your flexibility and support. We are all in this together and want only the very best educational experience for our Phoenix students! 
Doug Loftus

Pictured very top and just below: AEHS educators teaching virtually from their classrooms on the first day of school (Aug. 10, 2020).
Ms. Melton teaching Liberal Arts Math from her classroom virtually on Day #1.

Preparing for 2020-2021
Snapshots over recent days just ahead of Day #1 . . .
Above: Chef Josue Maldonado, our new security officer, cooking breakfast for the staff last Thursday, just two week days before the official start of 2020-2021 on August 10. Right: The main entrance to our high school with ready to receive students and families prepared courtesy of Mr. Maldonado.

Laptop pick up this past Friday. Pictured are Ms. Medina and Ms. Irizarry helping out the parents as they pull up in their vehicles.
Schedule pick up. Stephanie Carballea is seen above handing out schedules to parents.
AEHS Phoenix families on campus this past Friday picking up materials for Monday's first day of school.
Chief Williams, a member Acceleration East's leadership team, on campus to help with the distribution of schedules.
Meet our 2020-2021 Support Person of the Year!
Mr. Richard Diaz, Technology Support Representative
Voted for by the teachers and staff of Acceleration East High School, Mr. Richard Diaz is our Support Person of the Year! This is the second time (the first time was school year 2016-2017) that he has been awarded this distinction while serving at AEHS. Congratulations Mr. Diaz!

Mr. Diaz (left) fist bumps with Principal Loftus as it was announced this week that he is Acceleration East's Support Person of the Year.
Virtual Meet the Teacher
Click on the names below to meet some of the Faculty of Acceleration East

* Community footnote: As of 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, the Twitter feed was not operating. However, these messages are all linked up and hopefully will be operational later today (or may be already by the time you read this). They are very well done and we do not want you to miss out!
Curbside Monday Meal Program began August 10th
If you plan to take advantage of getting school meals this school year and you are participating in LaunchEd, have no fear... we've got you! However, we still need to know how many to expect.

Please complete this form if you plan to come by and pick up meals on Mondays. Meals became available yesterday, Monday, August 10th, and you can pick up every Monday from 3:00pm-4:30pm for the week ahead. Please complete this form today if you have not already. Thank you.
"Brag Wall" already up and running on Day #1
Acceleration East's "Brag Wall" contains handwritten messages by staff members for staff members that have traveled "that extra mile" by way of support in some manner. This has been an institution at Acceleration East for some time now and as you can see, had quite a number of recognitions in place by the time Day #1 of virtual learning began Monday.
The Brag Wall as it appeared exactly one year ago today:
August 12, 2019
LaunchEd Step-by-Step Student Class Guide
Special online event to help our ELL families.

Virtual Parent Academy #1
Date & Time
  • August 27, 2020  
  • 6:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Virtual
  • During this 1-hour online session, families will learn how to create conditions that lead to improved social, emotional, academic and physical well-being of our students.
  • For  more information and to register click here
By phone call: 407-317-3300 - Contact: Alexis Ramos
Food for Thought
School week Aug. 10-14
1. Worldwide school closures: 1,058,547,236 affected learners or 60.5% of total enrolled learners (105 total country-wide closures). OCPS is most fortunate vs. many other U.S. school districts and nations at this time as it has the technology (LaunchEd), a rigorous curriculum, and the teacher talent to get 2020-2021 underway.

Source: UNESCO; click here for interactive map
2. In the United States, being out of work often reflects one's educational attainment. Here are this year's unemployment rates through July:

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; data table

3. Face mask effectiveness:

Source: Danske Bank
This Week's Motivational Moment!
Being "The Best You" by Establishing Ideals & Habits: Six Keys to Success
Some members of our community may have forgotten, but it was only one year ago as the 2019-2020 school year got underway that we also faced some major challenges. This included the rollout of a new online student information system plus a major hurricane that was on track for central Florida and wound up devastating large portions of the Bahamas. The point is that when you set goals, they may be subject to change due to external forces.

Below are six keys to success that when put into practice will help you to perform at your best beginning with the first week of OCPS' innovative LaunchEd model.  

1. Develop an unwavering faith that you will do very well this school year starting with week #1! While the delivery method of instruction has changed for the moment, we still have our excellent Acceleration East faculty who are always ready to help, a rigorous curriculum, and the technology to work with; something many students around the world do not (see map above).

2. Maintain your best efforts every day. Do not back off just because for now you are learning from home vs. being physically in the classroom.

3. Set high personal standards. Harry Truman, the 33rd president of the United States once remarked, "In reading the lives of great people, I found that the first victory won was over themselves . . . self-discipline with all of them came first."

4. Don't waste time. Remember that time is usually wasted in the same way by most people each day.

5. There is no success without discipline. Adhere to the daily bell schedule and complete your assignments as they come. Remember, if you learn to do what you must, then you will be able to do what you want.

6. Don't quit on yourself. Dr. Benjamin Bloom of the University of Chicago (well known for his "Bloom's Taxonomy") and his team of researchers discovered that it was drive and determination - not talent - that led to success among leaders in whatever their fields of endeavor.

Douglas K. Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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