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 Monday, September 3, 2018 
Labels are dangerous things. And labels come in the form of hate speak, praise, and everything in between. Labels can impact our youngsters in so many ways such as how they look, what they wear, how much money their family has, what classes they take, and on and on. 
Here at AEHS, our teachers and staff work hard to teach all students about kindness and to help them build up their individual self concepts so that they one day can return the favor to others.

Life is a struggle. Social media has complicated the lives of our kids. They live in fear of labels, perceptions, and judgement. How about if we work together to eliminate the negativity around labels and just embrace people for the "gifts" they bring to the table? I think we would find that "gifted" (not in the educational context) might be a label we could all share!

Please take a moment to watch the following inspirational clip:
I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day holiday. I am looking forward to seeing everyone back on campus Tuesday morning for a successful start to September. Make it a great week! 
Douglas K. Loftus

Pictured very top: Please see this week's "Motivational Moment" at bottom for explanation. Thank you.

Rigor in the Classroom
Snapshots of academic engagement over recent days . . .

The students pictured above were working off this lab assignment which addressed the fundamentals of the scientific method including the generation of an hypothesis, data analysis, and arriving at a conclusion.
Mrs. Herrings' English 4 students began their Capstone projects last month. Students will now have the opportunity to conduct research on a specific career that interests them. Pictured just below, her students were smartly dressed in professional attire befitting their potential career choices.

Vital Signs

Source: OCPS Daily Absence Bulletin. Includes excused and unexcused absences as both represent lost class instructional time. Covers time period of Aug. 13 to Aug. 29.
Class of 2019
Senior Class Officer Elections
Towards the end of last week, our seniors listened carefully to the candidates' speeches for the various Class of 2019 officer positions. 

Manny Arroyo is running for senior class president.  

Class of 2022

"When to start your road to success."
Principal Loftus giving high school information to the 2018-2019 freshman class. He discussed how the student selection process works and how fortunate they are to be students at AEHS. AEHS is a closely knit campus with high expectations and operates from a very special student creed (see last week's issue).
2018-2019 Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Jamie Williams

Pictured with Principal Loftus on August 29th, Mrs. Williams teaches English and English Honors at AEHS. Hers is a significant achievement as the Teacher of the Year is determined by colleague votes from throughout the campus. All of AEHS is quite proud of Mrs. Williams' success. Congratulations!
2018-2019 Support Person of the Year
Ms. Vicki Jenkins

Congratulations to Ms. Jenkins on being chosen as our 2018-2019 Support Person of the Year! She is our school receptionist and a real team player. As an example, she was a big help over the summer coming in on her own time to pitch in.
National College Colors Day
Friday, August 31

Vicki Jenkins and Mr. Loftus wearing their FSU shirts. Go Noles!

Amanda Havner wearing her Gator shirt.
Go Gators!

Tish Atehortua wearing her UCF shirt.
Go Knights!

Lynn Shewchuk wearing her Troy University shirt.
Go Trojans!

Jamie Williams, our 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year, wearing her UCF jersey. Go Knights!

Annie Naffziger wearing her UCF shirt.
Go Knights!

Kim Smith wearing her St. Bonaventure colors and Cole Trimble wearing her Rutgers t-shirt. Go Bona Wolves and Scarlet Knights!

Barry Hall representing Rollins and Vanessa Roca wearing UCF colors. Go Tars and Knights!

Vanessa Roca, Mr. Loftus, Vicki Jenkins (2018-2019 Support Person of the Year) and Barry Hall during National College Colors Day.  The Friday before Labor Day across the United States students, parents, family, fans and alumni display their team spirit on National College Colors Day. This day is celebrated annually by wearing your college team's colors and college or university apparel.

Parting Image of the Week . . .

Two of our students enjoy a friendly game of outdoor chess during their lunch time one week ago today.
Monday's Motivational Moment!

Orange County voters approved the renewal of the one mill property tax for another four years last Tuesday by 83%. This was the greatest success rate so far and these monies will once again be gradually invested across many high quality programs that benefit our students. Thank you very much!!

Orlando Sentinel (Aug. 29) - "Orange County schools tax passes easily, winning more than 83 percent of the vote"


Douglas K. Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Monday, September 3, 2018

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