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Community Brief
 Monday, April 15, 2019
With Estrella Soto, Kimberlin Santos, and Edysha Charlery at lunch. These students spoke about AEHS to students at Conway Middle School. 
The recent college cheating scandal outraged me and most people around the world. How is it possible that someone could feel so audacious that they could just pay for their child's admission to a college? Those accused are merely accused in our system of justice and we should all withhold judgement until they have their case adjudicated.

I wasn't as outraged by the idea that money changed hands to help admit a student into college as I was the idea that deep down, the parents allegedly involved perhaps thought their kids weren't good enough to get in on their own merits. How sad a commentary that some are now judging their own kids based on their ability to be admitted to a college?

Kids' college choices don't define them. Life choices define them. And choosing a college isn't a life choice. That's right, I said it. Choosing a college isn't a life choice. Your goals and ambition are life choices. How you maximize your college or career choice is a life choice. What you choose to do after career training or college is a life choice.

Sadly, when one blurs the lines between life choices and college choices, you get the ethical dilemma this issue has raised. Until life choices become central to the modus operandi of our students' lives (i.e. after they graduate), let's define our kids by how they treat themselves and each other, the goals and ambition they have for themselves, how hard they work to better themselves and their communities.

Have a great week and thank you for your continued support this year! 
With Phoenix Pride,   
Mr. Doug Loftus

Pictured at the very top and just below: "Rigor in the classroom" snapshots. Mr. De Marco's math students working on their geometry problems including a quarter 4 exam (Tuesday, April 9).

  This practice test covers geometry from 7th grade through high school. It contains multi-stage problems with varying degrees of complexity.

Upcoming Events
PERT Test for seniors - Thursday, April 25

Senior CFE Testing - Friday, April 26 through Tuesday, April 30

NO EARLY RELEASE (Long Wednesday) - May 1

OCPS Parent Academy - May 4 - "Sunny Ideas for Summer Learning"

Student Spotlight
Jaicha Torres and Willian Trejo

Jaicha Torres and Willian Trejo with a Union Park Middle School counselor this past week. Both of these students spoke eloquently about AEHS to the middle school students.
Student Recognition
Third nine weeks pancake breakfast for Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude students

 Above: Brock Stockton and Walter Davis enjoying the pancake breakfast (both students achieved Magna Cum Laude status during this past nine-week quarter).

Senior Night
Ms. Roca delivers a special presentation to help guide our Seniors here during the final weeks of 2018-2019 . . .
Ms. Roca spoke to parents of seniors regarding credits, GPA and graduation requirements during Senior Night. Ms Roca also discussed the importance of finishing strong and using Khan Academy for any student who has yet to pass the Algebra EOC.

Vital Signs

Credit: Mrs. Vicki S. Jenkins, School Receptionist and 2018-2019 Support Person of the Year
Staff Spotlight
Mrs. Kimberly Smith has been recognized by the Florida Dept. of Education for her fine efforts in student vocational rehabilitation.

Summer Opportunities


FREE Construction Career Camp for Girls
Summer break opportunity - June 3-7, 2019  

Calling all girls interested in exploring and developing basic skills in the area of carpentry, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. This FREE camp runs from June 3-7, 2019 and is sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

Monday's Motivational Moment!

Things that advance your overall life purpose.

Things you have always wanted to do.

Things that others say can't be done.

Things that help you grow to your maximum potential.

Things that develop other people's ability to achieve and lead.

Things that multiply - rather than merely add - value to yourself and others.

Things that harness your creativity.

Things you can delegate to others.

Things that promote teamwork and synergy.

Things that are now or never opportunities.

"Time is usually wasted
in the same way every day."


Best wishes for a successful week ahead!
Doug Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Sunday, April 14, 2019
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