Acceleration East High School
Community Brief
Monday, September 2, 2019
Supporting FSU and UCF during last Friday's College Colors Day! Pictured with Mrs. Jenkins (FSU) and Mr. Barcelo (UCF). 
Is Tuesday just another off day for severe weather? Depending on the weather conditions, maybe it needs to be. What happens after severe weather passes? How are our kids helping our community to recover? Perhaps we have neighbors that will need help, a family member without power, branches that need to be cleared from yards and the street or maybe just someone who needs someone to check on them to make sure they are alright.

While severe weather offers day(s) off from school, we will have to make up the days. And it's not as easy as the snow days up North where you can just enjoy the weather that causes the school closing. Hurricanes, tornadoes and tropical storms are the most severe types of weather. When we look at the destruction caused in the Caribbean in the past, folks aren't thinking about how many school days they will miss, they are thinking about basic survival - food, water, shelter.

Let's think about how, in the aftermath of severe weather, we can help our neighbors right here in central Florida. Nothing shows the character of an individual more than how you lead or assist in a moment of crisis or vulnerability. Isn't that what we want to instill in our kids?

From my family to yours, remain safe. Once the weather has cleared, let's lead!        
With Phoenix Pride,
Mr. Doug Loftus
2019-2020 Calendar
Dates to Watch For:

* Sept. 2: NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)
* Sept. 3: NO SCHOOL (Hurricane Dorian) - Please check the OCPS Website for updates
* Sept. 13: Deadline for Student Essays - Annual Governor's Hispanic Heritage Month Contest (Winners receive 4-year college scholarships)
* Sept. 15: Start of Hispanic Heritage Month
* Sept. 16: 1st Quarter Progress Reports
* Sept. 17: Start of After-School Tutoring, 2:30-4:00 pm
This Monday, September 2, 2019, marks the 125th celebration of Labor Day as a national holiday in the United States - an anniversary the U.S. Department of Labor celebrated with a ceremony at its Washington, D.C., headquarters this past week. 

Rigor in the Classroom
Mathematics with Ms. Melton

Last Tuesday morning, Ms. Melton was covering the multiplication of positive and negative numbers.

Students stand to work the problems out on the board while Ms. Melton oversees their work.

Important Reminder
Posters like this one can be found around campus for a number of reasons . . .

. . . but this is certainly a big one when it comes to learning and student engagement!!

Meet Two of our Dedicated Non-Instructional Staff!
Ms. Roca and Ms. Irizarry

Ms. Roca is our fantastic guidance counselor and Ms. Irizarry is our media clerk who also helps with school property inventory.

Ms. Roca assisting a pair of students with their schedules last Tuesday morning.
Rigor in the Classroom
A "Close Reading" exercise of U.S. History with Mrs. Shewchuk

Last week students in Mrs. Shewchuk's class were engaged in a "close read" of the Gettysburg Address

Professional Development
Ongoing staff training is one of our school's highest priorities . . .

Teachers and staff view a video on on school safety (also one of our highest priorities not just at AEHS, but across all OCPS campuses).

Mr. Eric Barcelo, Acceleration East's uniformed safety officer, added to the safety video through his campus safety message.

Mr. Barry Hall gives his presentation on upcoming 2019-2020 testing. Depending on the course, certain forms must be filed by the teachers in advance.
Acceleration East Celebrates College Colors Day '19!
Friday, August 30th

Mrs. Naffziger, UCF Knights

Ms. Melton, UCF Knights

Mr. Roberts, UCF Knights

Ms. Roca, UCF Knights

Mrs. Williams, UCF Knights

Ms. Wilson, USF Bulls

Mrs. Smith, St. Bonaventure Univ. - Home of the Bonnies!

Mrs. Ker, Arkansas Razorbacks

Ms. Atehortua and Principal Loftus - Go Noles!
Monday's Motivational Moment!
Do you remember your kindergarten teacher? He or she probably taught you a lot of things. But unknown to you, he/she also taught you the greatest time management tool in the history of the planet! You applied this rule every day when you were a child and it worked. Get ready for the quickest time management lesson of your life! Are you sitting down? Do you have your #2 pencil and a large writing pad? (Stay inside the lines!) Okay class, here we go!
The rule is this: Do It Now! Ms. Green would not approve of you putting off any task that you can do right now! Your boss will not accept that the dog ate it, or you left it out in the rain. Think of the "one-minute rule." The one-minute rule states that if the task takes a minute or less do it right now! However, if you cannot do something right now, then create an immediate reminder and set a firm due date for its completion.
Time is the great equalizer! It is your best friend when you use it wisely and your worst enemy when you have avoided its steady march to the end of each day. It comes down to this: those students and adults who value their time, minute by minute, are always going to have an incredible advantage. So as this week of September gets underway, remember . . . "Do It Now!"
"Time is usually wasted in the same way every day." 
Enjoy this Labor Day Monday as best as able. Please stay safe as Hurricane Dorian approaches.
Doug Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Monday, September 2, 2019
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