Acceleration East High School
Community Brief
 Thursday, March 28, 2019
Enjoying lunch with students Ingrid and Tania after meeting with potential students from Glenridge Middle School on March 27th. 
On Monday we resumed classes after the spring break and are now already four days inside the last nine-week quarter of 2018-2019. The month of April officially begins our annual "testing season" here at Acceleration East and throughout OCPS starting with the writing component of the Florida Standards Assessments. 
Please remember that next Wednesday, April 3 will be a regular length school day - no early release on that Wednesday to accommodate testing. This applies to all OCPS campuses across the system. There will be three additional "no early release" Wednesdays coming up in May as well: May 1st, 8th, and 15th.   
Here at the start of the new quarter I do want to remind all of our students and family members about campus safety. Please remember that should you ever see or hear of something suspicious or unusual, please notify a teacher or staff member right away. Maintaining a safe, comfortable learning environment is a top priority each day so your awareness is most appreciated.  
Welcome back from spring break and enjoy the rest of your week!  
With Phoenix Pride,   
Mr. Doug Loftus

Pictured at the very top: Mrs. Singh with a pair of her biology students just prior to the spring break (story below).

The Extra Mile . . .
Tutoring has been in full swing during the month of March
Next Tuesday, April 2 officially kicks off the annual "testing season" at Acceleration East and throughout OCPS. To give our students every possible edge, the teachers and many students have been engaged in tutoring support. While we offer tutoring all year, the pace has certainly picked up in recent weeks!

Mrs. Dipasquale is pictured above tutoring a student 1:1 in chemistry during the week leading into spring break '19.

After school tutoring in Ms. Blyden's class.
Vital Signs

Credit: Ms. Victoria S. Jenkins, 2019 Support Person of the Year
Snapshots of "rigor in the classroom" from around the campus . . .
Biology with Mrs. Singh

Mrs. Singh assisting two of her biology students with their upcoming presentations 

 Mrs. Singh's Biology students have been working on their presentations - "plant cell vs. animal cell"

Spanish with Mrs. Vieira

Mrs. Vieira and her Spanish 2 class just yesterday morning. Her students are learning how to use proper and formal language in a public setting.

Mrs. Vieira's "Common Board Configuration" or CBC from March 27th. When students enter Mrs. Vieira's classroom the CBC lets them know what to expect for the day. (SWBT stands for students will be able to.)

Student Spotlight
Leeann Galvin

When not in class here at AEHS, Leeann Galvin competes as part of the track & field team for Cypress Creek High School. She is currently a member of our freshman class.
Campus Safety
School safety is paramount at Acceleration East and across all of the OCPS system.

OCPS police briefed Acceleration East staff prior to the active assailant drill held earlier this month. Here Sgt. David Rinehart from OCPS police gives an overview of the pending safety drill.

Reminder posters such as this one can be found at Acceleration East High School and throughout all of OCPS' buildings in both English and Spanish. Campus safety is an ongoing top priority for OCPS.
Acceleration East Students Serving Others
As we closed out the third quarter and leading into their well earned spring break, our SAFE ambassadors visited the Brookdale Senior Living facility to spend some quality 1:1 time with the residents.

Ingrid Rojas with resident

Ana Durant with resident

Lissany Vivenes with residents

Andrea Machado enjoying her time with the Brookdale residents

Dr. Mahoney and Juanzel on the day of the SAFE ambassadors special visit to Brookdale. Our SAFE Ambassadors demonstrate and reinforce honorable character matters and model exemplary behavior on behalf of the student body, families, neighborhoods and organizations.
* Student Assistance and Family Empowerment program (SAFE)
Talented Phoenix Students!
Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (March 15-17, 2019)

Student artwork on display at this year's 60th annual art festival

Mrs. Susan Ker standing next to her student's award winning artwork (enlarged below)

Daniela Dasfavovila's High School Award of Merit (completed in graphite)

Yatzarith Montero's (10th grade) mixed media piece which earned Honorable Mention this year

This Week's Motivational Moment!

Two of our SAFE ambassador students, Ana and Juanzel, spend part of their school day with a Brookdale Senior Living Facility resident just before heading out on their spring break.  We are so proud of our SAFE ambassadors!

"Kindness can be the greatest gift you can give a person.
Especially when they are not expecting it."

Florida flag

Have a great weekend!
Douglas K. Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Thursday, March 28, 2019
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