Acceleration East High School
Community Brief
Monday, August 12, 2019
The first day of school. Day one of 180. 

At Acceleration East (and Amazon), it's always, "Day 1." When speaking to a group of Amazon managers, Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos explained that Day 1 represents enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, positivity, re-birth, among other things. He also speaks of the dangers and pitfalls of Day 2. He stated that "Day 2" at Amazon is stagnation, lethargy, steady decline, and ultimately the end of Amazon.

I'm not asserting that Acceleration East should resemble Amazon. But Bezos and I share a common belief that we should always enter each day with the characteristics synonymous with Day 1. So, the idea of Day 1 is actually not about Day 1 at all. It's about Days 2 through 180. Will students still bring the same hopes and desires of the upcoming year with them every day? Will they be able to take a high grade, success on the field or court, an amazingly popular school-wide event, and set their sights higher? When they have led a meaningful program on campus, will they start the next day on something even bigger and better? And, on the flipside, will they be able to shake a bad grade, get over a loss, or mend their broken heart in a way that will build resilience and allow them to face each day with renewed vigor?

My hope for our students this year is that no one allows their successes or their failures blur the opportunities in front of them. Break new ground each day, build on successes and mold failures into learning opportunities. If that happens, we'll never have to worry about Day 2 at Acceleration East!

Welcome back to Acceleration East - where it is always Day 1!
With Phoenix Pride,
Mr. Doug Loftus
Pre-Planning Week '19
Our staff took a little time on Monday, Aug. 5th for some team building and camaraderie before getting the campus set to go . . .
Everyone had a terrific time bowling last Monday at the Aloma Bowl. We thought our school community would enjoy a few of these images!

Mr. Hall is 100% confident he will bowl a strike on this attempt.

Mr. Diaz in action!

Eric Barcelo and Amanda Melton share 'high fives' after success on the lanes.

Kim Dipasquale lines up to throw a strike.

Mrs. Jenkins has her "game face" on as she too gets set to knock down all 10 pins.

Seen from a distance, Kim Smith watching her ball drop the pins.

A caption was not really needed here. As you can see, everyone had a fun outing and after this special time ended, spent the balance of the week getting their classrooms and the entire campus ready for the students on Monday, August 12th. We are ready to welcome our students Monday morning!!
2019-2020 AEHS Dress Code
For Boys:
* Black or Khaki pants -- no holes or tears
* Shirts are allowed to be out
* Belts are optional -- no saggy pants
* No drawstring pants
* Closed toed shoes  

For Girls:
* Black or khaki pants - no holes or tears
* Leggings are not allowed
* No drawstring pants
* Capris are allowed - no higher than mid-calf
* Closed toed shoes

For Both Boys & Girls:

* School ID must be worn on a lanyard around the neck AT ALL TIMES
* ID must be visible AT ALL TIMES

Coats, Jackets & Sweaters:
* All non-AEHS outerwear must be removed upon entering the school building
* Only AEHS sweatshirts are allowed in the school building
* AEHS uniform shirts must be worn underneath
* AEHS hoodies (from previous school years) may be worn, but the hood must stay off your head

* Bandanas of any color are not allowed

*** PASS (Level 2 Referral) will be used for students who are out of dress code multiple times.
New Student Orientation
Tuesday, August 6th

Jonathan Bazan and Zayannie Acevedo presenting to the students
OCPS World Language Educators assemble at AEHS for a professional development session before the start of 2019-20.

World Language professionals from across OCPS were on campus for their training leading into the start of the new school year. AEHS was proud to host their event!

World Language teachers preparing for their next session while on campus last Wednesday

World Language educators in session
Principal Loftus with Ms. Kelley Graham, OCPS World Language Resource Teacher
Our "Brag Wall" is already up and running for 2019-2020!
With only short slips of paper, our teachers and staff members will often leave a posting for others to read as they thank/recognize someone for "going that extra mile." In fact, sometimes it is just a quick and easy way to welcome a new member of the Phoenix family!

"Go ahead, brag a little"
NEW for 2019-2020: Skyward Family Access
OCPS just rolled out a state-of-the-art Student Information System which will benefit both teachers and our families.
The new Skyward Family Access System replaces "ProgressBook" this year and came online last week. Please click here for details.

Ms. Naffziger conducted training on the new Skyward system last Thursday. Pictured here she was leading a discussion on the reporting of student grades using Skyward.
"Keeping an Eye on the Prize!"

This wall display with pictures of our Class of 2019 graduates will remind all students, starting on Day #1 August 12th, of what the end goal really is. And it was no accident that these students' senior class pictures were placed inside stars as that is what they are - STARS! Congratulations and good luck once more to the Class of 2019!
Meet the Teacher '19 Highlights . . .
Thank you to everyone that turned out last Thursday evening!

2019-2020 Calendar

Monday's Motivational Moment

This inspirational wall piece with five mirrors was designed and created by Shelley Robson, Acceleration East's tremendous Language Arts teacher!

Florida flag

Doug Loftus, Principal
Acceleration East High School
Sunday, August 11, 2019
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