Four Years of Prolife Victories
Tonight, the two presidential candidates are scheduled to square off again in a debate. One one side, you have people who tell pollsters they are better off today than four years ago, positive registration numbers, outstanding door to door efforts, and real enthusiasm. On the other side, you have most polls saying Trump is doomed—just like they did four years ago.

Who is right? It's up to us to decide. Hint: there's a reason Michigan remains a tense battleground.

So far, debates and news coverage haven't focused much on abortion (and conspicuously avoided important topics, like, you know, foreign policy?). Let's be perfectly honest: most members of the news media are pulling for Biden, and so it's unreasonable after these last four years to expect a sudden outbreak of perspective. We're at the point that social networks are censoring stories to protect Biden.

So, as it always does, it falls to us, the grassroots prolifers, to address these issues in a way that isn't purposefully framed as a "War on Women," like 8 years ago when Mitt Romney was the media's supervillain.

The contrast has never been greater. Suffice it to say, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not believe unborn children are human beings worth protecting in any way, and they believe prolife people should be punished for not supporting abortion.

President Trump has followed through on all of his promises to prolifers, and we encourage you to share these positive developments:

  • Four years ago, we said the next president may pick three or four Supreme Court justices. President Trump is on the cusp of successfully nominating three from a list he openly gave for people to consider. His latest pick, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, is certainly his most bold one during an election season. He and the prolife U.S. Senate majority have done a much improved job with judicial appointments at all levels.
  • President Trump promised to prevent tax-funding of abortion. He not only revived prolife policies from previous administrations to do that, but expanded and improved upon them, including the Mexico City Policy abroad and the Protect Life Rule at home.
  • President Trump is the first president to successfully defund a portion of Planned Parenthood (through the Protect Life Rule), and was one vote from Sen. John McCain away from a total defunding.
  • President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were the first in either position to address the March for Life live. Why did it take President Trump to be the first to embrace prolife people in this way? Courage is a cardinal virtue—one that has been sorely lacking, which should leave people unsurprised that the other virtues are being drained out of our public square. Being privately prolife is little comfort for the 2,300 children dying in abortion facilities today.
  • President Trump is the first president to frankly explain the brutal nature of abortion on live television.
  • President Trump's administration has made a policy of moving the federal government away from funding experiments involving tissue taken from aborted babies and is pursuing alternatives.
  • President Trump's administration has made conscience protections a priority, so that prolife doctors, nurses, and many others can work in peace without being coerced into helping the Abortion Industry.

These are the personnel, policies, and public statements that will either continue, or be dramatically reversed. This is true at every level of government, not just in the White House. Who is right?

Words of Encouragement
Even many positive thinkers have to conceded that 2020 has been a struggle for many.

If you haven't watched it yet, take 30 minutes to shut off the Facebook and Twitter wars and tune in to see a replay of last month's online event, We Are Not Giving up on Life. You'll be happy you did.

The guest speaker is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who knows how hard it is to be a prolife person in the public eye. The host and musical guest is Matthew West, who lent his talents to the movie Unplanned, which inspired many people to get more involved in the prolife movement.

In these next few weeks, we encourage you to focus on the positives, and trust that everything will work out for good in the end.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Passes Judiciary Committee
Today, the U.S. Senate's Judiciary Committee voted in favor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The full U.S. Senate has scheduled a Sunday session to vote on ending debate, with the intent for a final confirmation vote on Monday, October 26.

As everyone saw during her hearings, Judge Barrett is well qualified. Her performance was so positive that pro-abortion senators remain concerned that borking her (or "kavanaughing" if you prefer) could massively backfire on their election efforts to paint Joe Biden as a friendly, non-partisan, normal guy who will definitely not unleash the full power of the federal government on everyone deemed insufficiently supportive of his agenda.

Knock on wood, but we may chalk up another unexpected outcome in 2020, this time a very positive one.
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