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 Community Media Center Update

I hope you're well and in good spirits.
As you casually browse or thoroughly read this month's newsletter, we hope you consider all the available opportunities for you to take advantage of as a member.

Since many of the workshops offered take place in the evening, many of you expressed a desire for a daytime editing workshop. While the evening does accommodate those who work during the day or have other obligations, we realized through feedback that it didn't meet the needs of others, who actually have time available during the day.

So, we're excited that you shared your thoughts and we are now able to accommodate your needs with a daytime workshop. The Introduction to Final Cut Pro X editing workshop actually filled-up very quickly.

This is just one example of how a community media center should work for its members and the community it serves. We encourage you to continue to share your thoughts, so that we can work hard to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.

While all of your great ideas and suggestions may not make the cut, the ones that do, hopefully, improve your experience and our value as a community resource center.

We also learned there are organizations who are being displaced from their current facilities for a variety of reasons. As a community resource, we're discussing how our facility may accommodate some of the needs of these organizations as they figure out their next steps and how to continue to serve the community in their unique way.

We hope we can support these organizations in some small way as they go through their transition and they come out stronger as a result. We know we will from having the opportunity to support their efforts.

If we continue to support one another and share ideas, we believe the possibilities are endless for building an even stronger Framingham. 

In closing, I would like to emphasize and remind all of you once again, that this is your media access center and we want you to know we're here for you. So, please feel free to let us know how we can continue to help you share the stories of the community.

As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, we can't cover every Framingham event and activity, but we can definitely cover many more. Only if we have the opportunity to show you how to shoot, edit and produce the story and have fun doing it. 

There are plenty of shoots available this month for member volunteers, including the annual Concerts on the Green every Friday. So l et's do it together for Framingham and listen to some great music along the way!

Bring a friend or family member and share the amazing experience of television production. Be safe and have a great summer.
Scott Mercer
Executive Director
Access Framingham TV

AF-TV Special Events
Josh Brogadier and Carol Lynn Luck of Novel Ideas
AF-TV is premiering a NEW Series, Novel Ideas with host Carol Latch and Co-Host Josh Brogadier. Carol invites local authors to discuss their books and the writing process. MetroWest has a wealth of talented storytellers and Novel Ideas hopes to introduce you to to some of these great authors working locally.  Check out Novel Ideas, Mondays at 2:30pm, Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am.

Political Discussion has been highlighting state wide office holders with recent interviews with Suzanne Bump, State Auditor, Maura Healey, MA Attorney General, and Deborah Goldberg, State Treasurer is scheduled for later this month. 
Dave Hutchinson also produced a special edition of Political Discussion looking at the Opiod Crisis, premiering on the 27th of June.  Look for Political Discussion, Mondays at 6:00pm, Wednesdays at 10:00am and Thursdays at 10:00pm.

A reminder of the current exhibit in the Gallery at AF-TV "Rusty Old American Dreams" Photography by Robert D.McArthur.
Robert McArthur is a Framingham Resident, the Conservation Agent for the Town of Framingham and a longtime volunteer and friend of AF-TV
The Gallery at Access Framingham hours are Wednesdays and Sundays from 4pm-7pm, Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm-4pm, and by appointment or chance.

Concerts on the Green start up on June 17th!
Access Framingham will once again be out on the Centre Common recording all the great sounds on Friday Nights for the summer. Hope to see you there, as crew or concert-goer.
 Concert On the Green Schedule 

Upcoming Workshops at AF-TV

Special Daytime Class!
Introduction to Final Cut Pro X
June 9, 16 & 23- 11:00am-1:00 pm
This Basic FCP X Workshop is your introduction to using this powerful industry-standard editing software. In this workshop, you will explore how to set up your Final Cut Pro X library, event, and project; import footage; perform basic editing; add transitions, titles, and effects.

New Member Orientation and Camcorder Jumpstart!
June 15th, 7-8:30pm
New and returning members are welcome to come tour AF-TV, learn about membership benefits, and take a quick tutorial on our JVC cameras.  Guests are very welcome! 

T hanks everyone & we hope to see you soon at Access Framingham!

Upcoming Shoots and Events
Lots of great events happening in Framingham!
Please let us know if you are able to help out!
Thursday, June 9th, 11:00am-1:00pm
FCP X Edit
Space is limited!
Please RSVP

Thursday, June 9th
Composting for Everyone: Beginner to Advanced
Christa McAuliffe Branch Library, Community Room
Presented by: The Framingham Compost Crew (a project of Transition Framingham)
The Goal of this group is to keep "trash" out of landfills. especially that which can be turned into "black gold."  In this 75 minute workshop we explore many aspects of composting,.
Looking for Cameraperson/reporter

Saturday, June 11th
The Main Library Re-Opening 
staff is planning a day of special events for all ages with music, magic and fun for all.
Library Grand Opening
Looking for Cameraperson/reporter

Sunday, June 12
Woman 2 Woman Today 
Studio Shoot
Host Jen Maseda, will produce two shows back to back 
Crew Requested
Monday, June 13th
Capturing Offshore Wind: A Clean Energy Opportunity for Massachusetts
Featured speakers will include Ann Berwick, former Undersecretary for Energy and Chair of the MA Department of Public Utilities, and Amber Hewett,Regional Campaign Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation. Additional speakers to be announced. Co-sponsored by MAICCA, National Wildlife Federation, and First Parish in Framingham.
Looking for Cameraperson/reporter  
Wednesday, June 15st 
Member Orientation and Camcorder Jumpstart! 
Learn more about AF-TV membership and participate in our Camcorder workshop, learning the basics of our JVC cameras 
Please RSVP and invite your friends and neighbors

Friday, June 17th
Concert on the Green! 
Lights Out Blues Band (Boston's "House of Blues" house band!)
Set up starts at 4:00 pm, Concert goes from 6:30-8:30, Crew should plan on set up, take down. Pizza or other food provided

Friday, June 17th
SMOC's annual GED/HiSET graduation ceremony 
Congresswoman Katherine Clark will be the keynote speaker in this year's new format -- a 'Celebration of Learning' ceremony at the Joan Brack Adult Learning Center to be held on Friday, June 17th at 2 p.m. at the CafĂ© at SMOC, 7 Bishop St.      Rep. Tom Sannicandro, chairman of the Joint Committee on Higher Ed, will attend along with Rep. Chris Walsh,  Board of Selectmen Chair Cheryl Tully Stoll and Selectman Charlie Sisitsky and School Committee member Beverly Hugo. Looking for Cameraperson/reporter

Sunday June 19th  
Ham Jams with Nael Perry 
6:00pm-Studio Shoot
Nael is a Saxophone player and will be playing some of his music.
I am looking for 3 camera operators for this shoot. 
Crew Requested
Tuesday June 21
The Framingham Beat  
Bi-Weekly, Magazine Style News Program
studio shoot
Pizza 6:00
Shoot 7:00
Crew Requested

Friday, June 24th
Ham Jams with Little War Twins 
is a rock group that will be performing here on Ham Jams.
Start Time is 1pm
Crew Requested

Friday, June 24th
Concert on the Green 
Studio 2 as the Beatles (the early Beatles come alive)
Set up starts at 4:00 pm, Concert goes from 6:30-8:30, Crew should plan on set up, take down. Pizza or other food provided
Saturday, June 25th
MetroFest, the MetroWest Visitors Burea's signature event, showcases the richness and diversity of the region's music, arts and culinary offerings, with a wide range of activities anticipated to attract 8,000+ visitors.
Looking for Cameraperson/reporter
More Shoot Opportunities are added all the time!  Check out our website Calendar section or give us a call. 
Friend and Member of Access Framingham

Gordon Real Estate 

Image is a link to Gordon RE
The Gordon family has been an integral part of the Metrowest business community since 1891.  Today, Gordon Real Estate in Framingham, Massachusetts operates a robust commercial leasing and sales office, while owning and managing several highly desirable commercial real estate properties in Framingham Centre directly across from Framingham State University. 
Jim and Peter Gordon are Big Supporters of Access Framingham Television. 

June 2016
AF-TV Closed July 3 & 4
Access Framingham will be closed for
the Independence Day Holiday on
Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th.
Please plan your camera pickup and return accordingly.

New Computer Hard Drive Policy!
We are wiping ALL AF-TV 
Edit Room Computer Internal Drives
of footage and projects
 Every Friday!

If you have footage on a drive you want to keep, please transfer  it to your personal external drive.
Folks have been saving projects to the internal drives and severely slowing down the machines. 
 Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Thank You!  

The Framingham Beat

If you have a story idea for a future edition of our bi-weekly news magazine,
 Contact AF-TV at

Frank's Tech Tip 
The 180 Degree Rule

In production, the "180 Degree Rule" is a basic guideline regarding the on-screen spacial relationship between characters or another object in the scene. An imaginary line called the axis connects the subjects by keeping the cameras on one side of this axis for every shot in this scene, the first subject is always frame right and the other subject is always frame left.
Example car chase: If a vehicle leaves the right side of the frame in one shot, it should enter from the left side of the frame in the next shot. Leaving from the right and entering from the right creates a sense of disorientation.
This is especially important with sports, you don't want to confuse viewers with the puck going in opposite directions when cutting from shot to shot.
It can also be helpful to think about to keep a second camera person out of the backgrounds of your shots. 
We break this rule (more of a guideline really) when shooting music and getting a creative angle behind the action.  We may shoot the back of a band or singer looking out into the audience.
It adds to the dramatic effect, and is not as big as a continuity issue when things or people are not moving through the frame. 
Happy Shooting! 

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Relay for Life at FSU 
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MetroFest Promo! 
MetroFest Promo!

Woman 2 Woman Today
Woman 2 Woman Today


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