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I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and good spirits.

As we transition from the summer and prepare for the fall season, I would like to share a great video that captures the significance, importance and value of 'community' public media access centers.

Before I provide the video link, you should know that in August AF-TV staff attended the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) National Conference held at the Westin Hotel in the Seaport area of Boston. The title of the conference, Our Town, refers to the conference theme of hyper-local, community journalism.

The conference welcomed over 600 community media access center employees, members, and volunteers from around the country and the world, including Hawaii, Canada, and South Africa to discuss the state of community media access and how to support local news.

The diversity and breadth of attendees is significant because as public access, government access, and education access media centers fight to survive and demand equal media access for their local communities and citizens, the conference is evidence that the preservation of democracy and media access is truly a global effort.
You should take pride in knowing that you are members of a community that values our democracy enough to support and participate in its local community media access center. You are filling a void left by commercial network and affiliate news. By doing this, you are preserving our democracy.

With that being said, I would like to thank you for your support and commitment to preserve your community media access center and democracy, overall.

The following link is to the video of the conference keynote speaker, John Nichols , who is one of the founders of Free Press and a national correspondent with The Nation. Please take the time to hear what John has to say because he is very dynamic and clearly articulates why community access centers are so significant to ensuring our democracy, for the people, by the people.

It's our hope you'll appreciate John's support and passion as much as we did.
Scott Mercer
Executive Director
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AF-TV Special Events

Access Framingham
Annual Meeting!
September 26th
6:30-Light Dinner
7:00 Annual Meeting

Everyone is invited to come celebrate another year of great truly local television.  

Some of you may have received the postcard above as an invitation and ballot for our Annual Meeting. This is the first time we have had Mail-In voting! Each postcard is numbered, so if you are unable to attend the meeting on the 26th, you are welcome to mail in your ballot with your picks for the BOD. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. If you usually renew your membership at the Annual Meeting, you are still welcome to do so, or you can also renew online from our website, If you are unsure of your membership status, feel free to give us a call or email.
If you are part of a group membership, only the "Contact Member" has voting rights, but everyone in the group is of course welcome at the Annual Meeting.
Voting member or not...we want to see you at the Annual Meeting! You are welcome to bring your ballot, or pick one up here, but each member just has one vote.  
Dave Hutchinson with Town Manager, Bob Halpin 
Also during the Annual Meeting we will have a Special recognition of Dave Hutchinson.  Dave has been working with Community Television for forty-one years! He was there in the beginning, and is retiring from his show, Political Discussion in October. We wish him the best and thank him for his commitment to local media and to Framingham. 
T hanks everyone & we hope to see you soon at Access Framingham!

Upcoming Shoots and Events
Lots of great events happening in Framingham!
Please let us know if you are able to help out!

Shoots at AF-TV Studio, 4 Vernon St:
Multiple crew needed for these shoots
Ham Jams  
September 17th, 11am
September 24th, 11am
The Framingham Beat 
September 6th and September 20th
Pizza at 6:00
Shoot at 7:00

Political Discussion with Dave Hutchinson
September 21, 1:00pm

Travels with Jack 
September 29th, 3pm

Field Shoots:

Park(ing) Day
September 16th, 4-8pm
Downtown Framingham
Camera/Reporter needed

Sudbury River Clean Up 
September 17, 9:00-12:00
Camera/Reporter needed

Hoops and Homework Ribbon Cutting
September 22, 4:00pm
Interfaith Terrace
Camera/Reporter needed

Voices Against Violence Walk
September 24th, 9am-12pm
Downtown Framingham
Multiple camera and reporters

Concerts to End Gun Violence
September 25th, 1:00pm
Amazing Things Arts Center
Camera/Reporter needed

For More Shoot Opportunities are added all the time!  Check out our website Calendar section or give us a call. 
Friend and Member of Access Framingham

Framingham History Center  

Image is a link to Framingham History Center
Framingham History Center is a gathering place for those who care about Framingham's past, present and future. We provide connections with local history that enrich our lives and our community.
FHC's newest exhibit,"Opening the Closet: Framingham Fashion Through the Centuries" will be opening in October. 

September 2016
AF-TV re-opens on Sundays
AF-TV will be open on Sundays, starting on September 11th, 2016. We will be open from 4pm-9pm.

Access Framingham
10 Year
We will be kicking off 10 months of celebration this October and recognizing Community Media Day on October 20th!
We are looking for folks to serve on the Celebration Committee!
Please sign up at the Annual Meeting, or let us know you can help out!

SD Cards Now Available for sale at AF-TV 

We are phasing out loaning SD Cards. We now have Transend 32GB SD cards for purchase for $15 each.

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Ride for Kids
Ride for Kids
Holli Andrews
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Fres Cafe 
Fres Cafe 

MWRTA-Banana Lot 
MWRTA-Banana Lot 
Hoops and Homework Awards
Hoops and Homework Awards

FHC-Tom Desilets Memorial Scholarship Intern
FHC-Tom Desilets Memorial Scholarship Intern

AF-TV Camp
AF-TV Camp

Garden Tour
Garden Tour

Pathways Play Space
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Rockets at the Library
Rockets at the Library

Prostate Cancer PSA
Prostate Cancer PSA

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