Spring is in the air.. Or at least it will be once the snow stops flying! Remember to take a moment to enjoy all the sights and sounds headed our way in the warm months ahead. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance!

Life is just better on a Buzzaround Scooter
 Just a few months ago, Golden Technologies introduced a brand new scooter called the BuzzAround LT. It’s a slightly shorter scooter than the rest of their lineup, so it is perfect for retirement communities or for folks who are in houses that are a little tight on space.
This scooter is super easy to transport, as it comes apart in about 15 seconds and the heaviest piece only weighs about 30 pounds.  While the Buzz LT is the smallest scooter in the Buzz family, it features the same size seat as its bigger sisters and can go about 8 miles on a full charge. And like many of our scooters, the LT can be programmed to limit the maximum speed in order to meet the requirements of certain environments.

Oh, and did I mention that we’re running a sale on this scooter just now?
Access Mobility is currently offering the Buzz LT for only $949.00 each!
Your LT scooter will come complete with charger, flat free tires, a non-breakable front basket and a receiver that allows for all kinds of accessories to be added.
Although they are selling very quickly, we are doing our best to keep a fairly large number of them in stock. We encourage you to come in and see this great new “ride.” We have found that if a person tries it, they almost always buy it.

Free Spring Cleaning With Battery Purchase
  I f you own a scooter or power chair, chances are you have experienced the disappointment of turning on your Personal Mobility Device, only to find the batteries have expired or have failed to take a charge.  A battery can slowly fade over time – or they can fail quite rapidly.  Thankfully, Access Mobility stocks dozens of battery sizes so you can make it to all the places you’d like to go!
A trip to the Canal in downtown Indianapolis is a fantastic way to get outside with a mobility device.  Don’t let the sights and smells of spring pass you by because of low or expired batteries!
For a limited time, Access Mobility also will include a FREE Spring Shine wipe down of your mobility device, with the purchase and installation of a new set of batteries.  Remember how clean and shiny your Fire Engine Red scooter was when you left the showroom floor?  Let us help you regain that sparkle and continue to  Access Your Life !
Interested in new batteries?  Call Marc in our service department at  317-784-2255 .  Be sure to ask him about receiving a FREE Spring Shine!

Access Mobility Returns To Television
Access Mobility is excited to announce that you will see brand new television commercials featuring the company beginning in May.  They will primarily air on CBS - WTTV 4 during The Price Is Right and the CBS4 Midday News.  Other airings will take place throughout the day, as well as on the WTTV.2 digital station.
It has been many years since Access Mobility was last on the television airwaves – Fourteen to be exact.  Thanks to their loyal customers and a strong economy, the ability to partner with WTTV to broadcast the growing company was as much of an opportunity as it was a responsibility.  “The decision to advertise on TV is a great way to invest our success back into the company.  Having that opportunity doesn’t happen on its own, and we are very thankful for it” stated Alan Ausbrooks, General Manager.
The commercials were shot in early April and will feature family, friends, and customers demonstrating some of their most popular products.  Once published, the commercials will also be available to watch, along with other helpful and entertaining videos, on their YouTube Channel – or on their website.


Reminder: Mother's Day is May 13th !!
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