Happy Labor Day from your friends at Access Mobility! We hope you enjoy some well deserved time off with family and friends!

~Team Access Mobility

According to the U.S.  Department of Labor , the Labor Day holiday is...

a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers .”
Labor Day is a yearly national tribute to the “contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well being of our country.” Golden Technologies epitomizes the Labor Day definition by being a true American manufacturer of lift chairs. It’s exciting having Golden Technologies as one of our premier manufactures and we LOVE telling the Golden story.

Golden is headquartered in Old Forge, PA and is the largest facility in the world dedicated solely to the manufacturing of lift chairs. Golden is proud to provide jobs for more than 400 Americans, contributing to the strength of the economy. All Golden Products are made with Domestic and Imported Parts.
The history of Golden Technologies is a story that defines the American dream. Founded in 1985 by Robert Golden, Sr., and Fred Kiwak, Golden Technologies was focused on the pledge to “build it right the first time,” a motto that still holds true today. In fact, that promise is proudly displayed on a banner hanging above Golden’s lift chair manufacturing floor, reminding the employees every day of the commitment they have to their customers. As a family-owned, family-operated company, Golden Technologies is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products in the durable medical equipment industry.

Golden and Kiwak began manufacturing lift chairs in a one-car garage in West Pittston, PA, a small town where families worked hard to survive as the Pennsylvania coal mining era was ending. The pair partnered with some of the finest craftsmen in the region and worked together to design and build lift chairs that would withstand years of use. As their reputation for quality spread, the business grew, and quickly became a family operation, employing several members of the Golden and Kiwak families. Robert Golden’s son, Richard, was one of the company’s first employees. He was named CEO in 1991, a position he continues to hold today. Robert Golden, Sr. has since retired from the day to day activities. Kiwak continues to be actively involved as the Vice President of Research and Development.

Click the image below for a terrific video about Golden Technologies!
We’d like to take a moment and introduce the latest evolution of portable scooters. In the past, the best performing device for inside the home was the power wheelchair. The brand that became the household name was called the Jazzy. Just recently, the manufacturer of the Jazzy power chairs launched a game changer for indoor mobility.

The Jazzy Zero Turn:
  • Traditional tiller for steering
  • 4 wheels for more stability
  • Incredible 38” turning radius
  • Easy disassembly –frame separation only requires one hand
  • Full spring suspension
  • Built in USB port for mobile charging 
Before now, 4-wheel scooters were extremely difficult to handle indoors. Many homes and facilities would require the purchase of a 3-wheeler, because of the limited turning radius of the larger 4-wheel units. The Jazzy Zero Turn has the maneuverability of a 3-wheel scooter - with the stability of a 4-wheel. This is a big benefit for anyone that has his or her heart set on an larger indoor scooter. This addition to the Pride line of power mobility is worth considering if you find yourself in the market for a new device.

More Great News:
Access Mobility has the Jazzy Zero Turn IN STOCK to try!
Pride Jazzy Zero Turn - $1,799.00

Bath Safety Tips
The majority of falls that take place in the home occur in the bathroom. Of course, anyone can take a tumble, but seniors are at an increased risk of falling. 

Many bathroom falls occur while:
  • Getting in and out of the tub or shower
  • Sitting down and getting up from the toilet
  • Using towel bars or sink tops for balance

Access Mobility suggestions to make your bathroom more safe
  • Install a few grab bars around tubs and commodes
  • Use a shower chair to help with balance and fatigue
  • For bath tubs, consider a clamp-on grab bar
  • Also for tubs, look into the possibility of using a transfer bench
  • In some cases, a non-slip mat could be helpful
  • A raised toilet seat makes getting up off the commode much easier
  • For additional assitance, a toilet safety frame is a great idea
  • Miss taking baths? A Bathtub Lift helps get you up and down out of a tub!

Each item is on display in the bathroom section of our showroom. Stop on by to take a look, or to see more helpful options!

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