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New BodyTalk clients frequently ask me how long it takes to heal with BodyTalk. How each of us heal is a very individual journey: We all have different injuries, challenges, illnesses and histories that make up our current state of health, influencing how we deal with stress and how we heal.

However, what I have found with BodyTalk is that we can teach our bodies to be more responsive to healing with the BodyTalk Access routine.

Just as we can train our muscles to strengthen through weight training and exercise, strengthen and heal our heart, veins and arteries through cardio exercises, increase our brain elasticity through learning new things, and training our nervous system to a parasympathetic healing state through yoga breathing and mediation, our body can also learn to respond to healing more rapidly.

A common theme in each of these is that they are a regular practice, a ritual of self-care. Through a regular practice, we will develop and integrate new, positive habits into our mind and body. These healthy habits will assist our bodies and minds in developing greater resilience and adaptability in these times of stress and change.

The BodyTalk Access routine is one such practice, in a simple, 10-minute-a-day routine for your self care.

The BodyTalk Access course teaches you five of the most dynamic techniques from the BodyTalk System, helping to bring about significant improvements for addressing many health and stress-related daily well-being challenges. One of the primary focuses of the BodyTalk Access tool-kit is to re-establish communication throughout your whole body/mind, helping your body to remember how to heal itself.
Benefits of practicing the five BodyTalk Access techniques:

  • Balance your brain by improving overall communications.
  • Balance the metabolism of your body and your immune system
  • Increase your resiliency and adaptability to stress and outside forces, such as germs and intolerances
  • Balance posture and your musculo-skeletal system of your body, improving overall coordination, range-of-motion, and flexibility
  • Strengthen your Wei Qi, your body’s Protective energy
  • Learn the BodyTalk Fast Aid routine to help shift your body out of shock/trauma into the healing state. .

If you are looking for a simple routine of self-care that can help your body to learn to heal itself and adapt to the rapidly changing world around us, I invite you to join me at the upcoming classes. 

Your Host
Linda has been working with clients utilizing BodyTalk soon after it was introduced into Ontario, and has been in practice for over 15 years. At this time Linda is working remotely with clients as well as Skype and Zoom. Presently she also leads successful online workshops and seminars.
Looking forward to speaking with you.
CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP

Your Instructor
What makes me excited about my role as a BodyTalk Instructor is how fast the students learn. I teach that the strength of BodyTalk lies in its simplicity. Just do the technique. And Stay out of your own way! it's so easy to learn.. It is so rewarding to practice!
As a follow-up, I provide regular study enhancements to ensure continued growth and development in the evolution of BodyTalk.
Cherie Carpenter