One of the real challenges in teaching something like Matrix Energetics is that you don't want to over-define it. You certainly don't want to define it as a "technique" or a "method" of interacting with problems-because as soon as you define it that way, you have confined yourself to the limitations of your problem-based model. The model that we hold unconsciously actually extends into our field. It extends not only into our experiences, but into our ability to experience.


Each person has a set point, like a thermostat, for what they're willing to believe, what they're willing to experience in the next moment, and what they can actually sense in their world. To initiate change that goes beyond the limitations of the model, first realize that every model has limitations. Second, realize that you don't have to play by those limitations-and the key word is play. Third, embrace the idea that change can be instantaneous. Do not define how it's going to show up for you.


As soon as you define it-well, maybe you'll get it, and maybe you won't. If you don't get it, you might be tempted to say, "Well, nothing happened" or "It failed." Then you may run up against your own personal model of past disappointments, like every time you wanted a truck under your Christmas tree and you didn't get it, or you wanted a pony and it wouldn't fit under the tree, or it was just not very practical, because you lived in New York City and ponies weren't allowed within the city limits.


Then you might over-generalize and say, "Nothing good ever happens to me." Now go up against THAT and try to change that by trying to do something. It doesn't work.

What you can do, though, is go to grace-and grace is that limitless potential for something to happen. And literally, miracles DO happen.


Our brain takes these fields of light and information and reconstructs them based on our model to fit what we expect to see out there, and then that recreates our reality virtually in time-space. Once you realize that, it's simply a matter of utilizing a model that transcends these limitations.


To transcend these time-space limitations, say "In the next moment, anything can happen." Then really feel that. If you say that and you're in your head, you'll create a belief that is not likely to play out in your life.


This brings us to one of the most basic concepts of Matrix Energetics, and it's very simple. Drop down. Get out of your head. Drop down into your heart, and feel the field around you. Place intent, let go of what you'd like to have, and let the ripples just occur. It can happen that fast. When it happens that fast and massive change does occur (and it has been observed to occur), it can transcend limitations. Your model-if you transcend these limitations, just one time, can be enough to change everything in your life.


We hope to see you to co-create and help you access your limitless potential at one of our upcoming seminars this summer and fall.  


Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy  

Saskia Roell
Melissa Joy was recently a guest on Your Soul Guidance with Saskia Roell on Transformation Talk Radio. Click here or on the image above to listen to the interview. To read a transcript of the interview, click here.




A groundbreaking new workshop and a totally new way to experience Matrix Energetics!


We invite you to attend the all new, exclusive "Matrix Unplugged" day of higher learning, where you will have the opportunity to study with the creator and developer of the Matrix Energetics System of Transformation, Dr. Richard Bartlett, and the talented and always inspirational Melissa Joy.


This new offering to the Matrix Energetics system will take your Matrix Energetics experience into new realms of proficiency that will further open your intuitive abilities and provide a practical and deep expansion of your M.E. skill sets.


The Unplugged seminar series will focus on a number of specific tools and unique skills:  

  • Learn how to enhance your ability to track information in a format that Richard calls "Spatial Clairvoyance". This is one of Richard's most prized methods of working with intuitively-generated information.
  • Learn more about how to achieve instantaneous and powerful verifiable changes in the physical body template.
  • Explore and develop the ability to accurately elicit specific information from the Morphic Field about any subject or topic.
  • Learn how to create, enhance, and activate in yourself specific informational templates.
  • Explore how to set up the elements of your day, week, and life in order to create a greater specificity in achieving your goals in life.
  • Discover for yourself how to determine what will or will not work ideally in a given situation to create a desired outcome.
  • Work with Advanced Windows to engage in the process of reality creation.
  • Leverage spatial clairvoyance to perform psychic forensics on yourself, your emotional responses and habitual mental processes.

In order to learn how to change your life you must BEGIN WITHIN.


Please note: The price for this one day special session is $180.This special session is only open to those who are attending Matrix Energetics Level 1-2 in Denver.


"Matrix Unplugged" counts for 8 hours of training towards becoming a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner.   


This course is not required for completion of Practitioner Certification requirements. However, attendance WILL count up to 8 hours toward the practitioner certification requirement. Attend this course and move one step closer to becoming an official Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner!

TORONTO--Level 1 & 2  
May 4-7, 2012

July 20-23, 2012

DENVER, CO--Level 1 & 2

August 3-6, 2012


August 7, 2012
*Note: You must attend Denver Level 1 & 2 to attend our special Unplugged session.

August 17-20, 2012

SAN DIEGO--Level 1 & 2

August 24-27, 2012

SAN DIEGO--Level 3

August 29-30, 2012

Richard Bartlett 2010
Richard Bartlett,
Founder & Creator,
Matrix Energetics
Melissa Joy Jonsson,
Executive Director
& Co-Teacher


LEVEL 1 & 2: 

"This seminar has changed my life. I feel I can easily do this work right now to make fundamental shifts for myself and others. I deeply commend the openness of Richard and Melissa in their giving of this information so freely with non-attachment. Thank you."


"Matrix Energetics is easier than it looks. I will use it every day. I feel so blessed to have encountered this technology."


"The question and answer segments are so helpful to integrating the experience. They are my favorite part. Matrix Energetics feels like family in a genuinely wondrous and expansive way."


"Matrix Energetics and the seminar experience have validated so much for me and has brought integrity to what I have experienced. I appreciated the clear interaction that Richard and Melissa had with every individual. The information was taught in an unconventional manner at a pace that was easy to absorb."


"This weekend has opened the door to unlimited potential and miracles for me. Richard does a great job expanding awareness and Melissa has an amazing ability to help make sense of the material while still staying in the heart. What a dynamic team! I can't wait for another seminar."


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