Drop-In Iris
City Theatrical's Drop-In Iris is the simple way of changing the beam size of a fixed focus ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.  Simply drop in an Iris, adjust the handle to change the beam size from fully open to nearly fully closed. 

We offer Drop-In Irises to fit a variety of popular lighting fixtures, ranging from Source Four, Strand SL, Selecon Pacific, and beyond. 

Each Drop-In Iris by City Theatrical is made in the USA.
Did You Know?
Drop-In Irises offer precise, smooth control of beam size. They have specially made leaves that are tempered and heat resistant to over 1,000°F. Plus, City Theatrical Drop-In Irises carry a limited lifetime warranty and are currently used on Broadway and in thousands of productions worldwide.
Achieve Your Vision
Since our inception over 30 years ago, City Theatrical has worked with professional lighting designers to create high quality lighting accessories. Our mission is to create products that enable designers to achieve their artistic vision. This "Accessories Spotlight" email series will help demonstrate how a single lighting accessory, like Drop-In Irises, can help you make your next performance or installation even better.
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