2017 Open Enrollment 

Don't be caught off base!

Why do I need Accident Insurance? Other medical insurance coverage offsets most of the treatment costs for injuries resulting from an accident. But what about the out-of-pocket costs you don't consider? There's time off from work while you or a loved one convalesces, doctor visits and hospital co-pays, medical insurance deductibles, maybe child care expenses -- even stocking up on ibuprofen and bandages! It's inconvenient, expensive, and can make a serious dent in a family's savings. Accident insurance provides a hedge against this possibility, paying a fixed, lump-sum benefit for injuries resulting from a covered accident -- up to and including death if your employer's plan includes that provision.
  • In 2005, about 1 out of 9 Americans sought medical attention for an injury. The economic impact of these unintentional injuries mounted to about $2,200 per person, or about $5,700 per household.
Click here  for a short video that explains more about Accident insurance.
If you have questions, please contact Connie Sandman, member services representative, at insurance@cobbt.org or 800-746-1505, ext. 366.
Coverage is effective Jan. 1, 2017.  
Lynnae, Tammy, and Connie

Insurance products available during Open Enrollment

● Pays 60 percent of your weekly salary
● Maternity benefits
● Available without underwriting

● Pays 66⅔ percent of your salary, up to $5,000 a month, after 90 days of 
   continuous disability
● Catastrophic Disability Benefit 

Critical Illness
● Covers many of the costs associated with treating a critical illness 
   (cancer or
heart failure, for example) 
● Covers lost income, co-pays, deductibles, transportation to and from
   treatment, living expenses, and more

Accident Insurance
● Covers the extra costs you incur if you have an accident of any kind
   (car, bike,
sidewalk slip, household  accident, etc.) 
● Gives you an additional level of coverage and security for those things
   not covered
by your primary medical insurance
● No underwriting if you sign up during the enrollment period

Medicare Supplement
● Pays for some of the health care costs that Medicare Parts A and B
   do not cover
● Covers co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles for Medicare-
● Covers basic and major services as well as orthodontia
● Three plan options 
● In partnership with Delta Dental of Illinois 
● Covers exams, lenses, and/or contact lenses
● Three plan options 
● In partnership with EyeMed
Supplemental Life
● See enrollment forms for specific information.