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Congratulations Eric Troung
Eric, a 23 year old participant of our PaTH hospitality program, was previously unemployed and had heard about our program to enable him to learn new skills and understand more about the sector.
Eric has never had a job and throughout the program built up his confidence as well as gaining is his food hygiene certification and responsible service of alcohol (RSA). He was very interested in a back of house role and received an opportunity with a Member hotel, where he has secured employment as a stockman. He is loving the role and his first official job.
“The course was great, and I enjoyed it and learnt new skills, how to answer interview questions, and how to use a coffee machine, and my favourite part was making drinks and it’s the reason I have a job now”.

In reference to his Accommodation Association Industry Engagement Manager, allocated to Eric “I thought your positive attitude was fantastic at motivating me, thanks for that”.
Training Initiatives
The Hub
The Hub provides a one stop Hospitality shop! Which includes Free Training Modules, A Mental Health & Wellbeing suite, Industry News, Events, The Gappa and a Hospitality focused Jobs board!
The Gappa
The Accommodation Association has developed a new employment initiative, The Gappa. The Gappa was designed to attract people to our sector as a fun place to work and change the narrative to “career option”. The positive outcomes will also create good news for our sector. Applications for The Gappa will go via The Hub

This panel has been created to satisfy demand for access to cost effective, compliant, and relevant sector training. All training panel members have been reviewed to ensure that they meet relevant industry compliance standards and provide our members with the most up-to-date training delivered by appropriately qualified and professional trainers.
Pre-Employment program for 18-24 Year old’s, undertaking 2 weeks of intensive skills training, a 4-week unpaid Internship and into employment. We work with Employment Service Providers across the country to provide members with an alternative recruitment stream.

Train 2 Earn
Pre-Employment program open to all Job Seekers, they complete 4 days of intensive and immersive practical training, before being interviewed for positions.

MAS National Partnership
Traineeships & Apprenticeships with MAS national. We have a national agreement with MAS to assist in streamlining the Traineeship process. MAS will also host graduations and provide mental health support where needed.
Government Advocacy
By Bassel Tallal, National General Manager for Advocacy and Public Policy

In our last update for 2021 we spoke about our achievements last year and that we were looking forward to being less reactive to circumstances. Unfortunately, the Omicron wave had other ideas for us, we finished off 2021 the same way we started 2022, reacting to a volatile and unknown environment.
That hasn’t stopped the Association from being proactive in the advocacy space, we are continuing our fierce advocacy on behalf of our members. Some of the government decisions we influenced so far includes the bringing forward of the StayNSW vouchers as well as expanding the ParentsNSW vouchers so that they can be used in our members premises, the rent relief and moratoriums in NSW and Victoria being extended, new consumer focused vouchers announced just this week in Victoria to help revive the CBD but also to encourage Victorians to move around the state and experience their own back yard. We are proud to have had input in the nation leading initiatives being undertaken by the Queensland Government to bring interstate and international tourists back by partnering up with the private sector and significantly investing in marketing campaigns.
As flagged previously the Federal Budget was brought forward by the Government to 29 March. The Association worked with TAA and submitted a joint submission for the 2022-2023 Federal Budget. The submission was formulated from the many conversations we’ve had with our respective members over the past year, and the feedback from the SAC’s, other industry associations, ATHOC and previous requests. The themes of the requests and recommendations were guided by our advocacy pillars; Retaining And Recruiting Employees, Protection And Maintenance Of­ Assets, Returning Confidence And­ Growing Demand. We also contributed to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tourism submission which outlined several targeted measures to help our tourism industry recover and to re-establish Australia’s competitiveness against other major international destinations and reinforced the need for a rapid and full reopening of the Australian borders, most critically to international tourists.

We will continue to advocate on behalf of our members in what looks like a big year for our industry’s recovery.  

Workplace Relations
Lawful and Reasonable Directions to Employees
Change in the workplace often meets resistance from workers. Unquestionably, managers have an inherent right to implement change, and when employees fail to follow lawful and reasonable directions to facilitate the change, managers are entitled to establish performance management plans and disciplinary measures.
What is a “lawful and reasonable” direction?

Generally, employees are only obliged to follow directions that are both lawful and reasonable. A direction is lawful when it does not breach an award term or contravene a prevailing law or regulation (as for example, found in workplace health and safety laws).
It may be reasonable when a given direction is consistent with an established custom or practice and falls within the scope of the worker’s employment contract. Typically, a direction may not be reasonable if that direction is not what would normally be expected of a person engaged in a specified and unrelated job.
[To view the full article, visit our Workplace Relations Blog]
The various border lockdowns since 2020 have intensified the existing skills shortage in Australia for foods trades workers, and Hotels are no exception to the current market competition for quality employees. With the international border now opening to fully vaccinated travellers from 21 February 2022, Hotels should look beyond Australia to fill these longstanding vacancies, and these are some of the possible options:
  • Hiring young travellers on Working Holiday Visas or Work and Holiday Visas.
  • Sponsoring skilled workers on the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.
  • Considering the special suite of visas specifically designed to benefit regional employers.
If your Hotel has been struggling to find skilled workers, then talk to a migration professional to find the best solution to benefit your business.

Corina Chen
Senior Associate
07 3224 0364
Upcoming Events

In spirit of the Accommodation Association and AHA / TAA amalgamation, the decision has been made to co-host events in 2022. We invite our members to attend the following:

Other events to include Hotel Market Update’s in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.
If you are interested in hosting one of our events or would like to suggest topics or speakers, please contact us via email to [email protected] 
Tourists are back. Get ready with13cabs.
There’s nothing better than a busy lobby with guests excited about seeing the sights and relaxing in and around your hotel. And with tourists about to return to our shores, it’s time to remind your concierge that helping guests get where they need to without being overcharged with surge pricing from rideshare operators is as easy as recommending the 13cabs app.
When your guests book a taxi on the 13cabs app, they can choose the type of car they need – from a comfortable sedan to a MAXI TAXI that’s perfect for things like group shopping trips. What’s more, they get a price guarantee. The price your guests see when they book is the price they pay. 
And if they’re staying for a while, the 13cabs app MyDriver feature lets them save friendly cabbies and request that driver pick them up for their next trip.
On demand parcel delivery.
Whether it’s a delivery for a guest or the hotel, 13cabs will get things from A to B delivered fast and efficiently. 
It could be reuniting a forgotten suitcase with its owner at the airport or your hotel's head chef suddenly needing 24 Southern Rock Lobsters for a bouillabaisse entrée at a corporate function. Whatever it is, if your hotel needs it now, 13cabs can get it to you pronto – and you’ll never pay extra for the convenience. No matter what time of the day or night you need a 13cabs pick up or delivery, their prices never surge. 
Hotels can book pick-ups and deliveries via the 13cabs app, on the website or over the phone, with the added benefit of being able to track their delivery live via the app. Hotels can also add the cost of delivery to a customer’s account.
As Australia reopens to the world, 13cabs continues to work with the Accommodation Association to encourage booking and spending in the sector and we aim to assist small businesses - be they suppliers or service providers - that have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 
On Thursday 10th February, STR hosted a webinar on the latest themes and stories across the Asia Pacific, including those in Australia. During the webinar, Matthew Burke, Regional Manager Pacific and colleagues discuss how recovery has evolved to date, the impact of Omicron and what will really see performance take off in 2022. What are the latest movements in leisure, business, group and how will the recent announcements of the international border impact the outlook. Complimentary access to the webinar can be viewed here.
Link to video -

Understanding Hospitality’s Increased Adoption of NFC-based Mobile Keys and Digital Wallets
Today, hoteliers are seeing growing enthusiasm among their industry peers for the adoption of Near Field Communication (NFC) -based mobile key services and digital wallets.

NFC is a newer method of delivering and using digital keys on guest devices, which now has hoteliers cross-comparing this alternative with the more prevalent Bluetooth-based platform. Queries range from which solution provides a more convenient and enjoyable guest experience to which platform offers the greatest level of property-wide security.

Read on to find out what’s driving the rise of NFC as an option for digital key solutions and how it compares to what Bluetooth-enabled services currently offer.
In partnership with the Accommodation Association, Horwath HTL is launching the annual 2022 Australian Hotel Industry Survey of Operations online.

Click Here for more information about this Survey or to read results from the 2019 Australian Hotel Industry Survey of Operations

Please visit the webpage to register for the online hotel questionnaire:

You will then receive a unique questionnaire link to your registered email address. The flowchart and FAQ link provides useful information for the completion of the online questionnaire. 

Thank you for your support on the 2022 Australian Hotel Industry Survey of Operations. We hope to receive the responses by 31 March 2022 so that we can produce and release the report in a timely fashion. 

Should you have any queries, please reach out to
Thank you.
IHS Infection Control & Outbreak Management Expertise
IHS has an established Infection Control Procedure and actively promotes our infection preventative techniques throughout our employee base. If any areas within your Hotel are reported as having a suspected or actual infectious outbreak then IHS will conduct our formalised infection control services (including Bio-misting) and adopt any additional recommendations from the Australian Government Department of Health.
Click here for more information.
Is your Hotel Heart Safe?

Find out now with the Hotel Audit Link

Heart Safe welcomes new PROUD Ambassadors having lost a family member to a sudden cardiac arrest. Read Story

What is business interruption insurance?
If your business suffered an unexpected disruption, such as a fire, flood or storm, or a major supplier closes because of one of these events, how long would it take to get it up and running again? And how much would you lose along the way?

Business interruption insurance can help make sure your business keeps running smoothly after an unexpected event, by covering the turnover that is lost – so you can recover and rebuild.