Of Special Interest: Cloned and Common Lilac
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Predicting leafing and flowering of cloned and common lilacs
Lilac breaking leaf bud 
This spring, we are using models to predict when your  cloned ( Syringa  chinensis or  common lilac   ( Syringa vulgaris)  will leaf-out and flower, an effort we call springcasting. 
Our models indicate that leaf buds on your lilac(s) at your site(s)  will break buds in the next 3 days. 
Is this true? Check your lilac(s) to see if this prediction is accurate and report your observations in Nature's Notebook
Can't remember what to look for? Check out the observation protocols for  cloned or  common lilac. 
Why is this important?  Springcast predictions and the underlying models have value to agriculture, human health, wildland management, and more. Knowing when plants will undergo phenological changes can dramatically improve resource management and decision-making. 
The models that predict the start of spring are now being used to track how plants and animals are responding to climate change. This information is very valuable for preserving our natural resources, heritage, and way of life. 
Thank you for continuing this important legacy! 


Erin Posthumus
Outreach Coordinator