Ilaria Accordini is now producing under the name of Ilaria De Nardi, same wine, nothing has changed except the name. 

Accordini Amarone is made from 70% corvina - corvinone, 30% rondinella grapes. The grapes are harvested late to ensure an extreme ripeness, then allowed to dry out to further concentrate and extract the flavors. After a few months of drying, the grapes are pressed and put into fermentation. All of this to provide us with a richly intense and flavorful wine.
Ilaria has branched off from her fathers winery and everything we have experienced under her label has been first class juice. I spent a few days with her this past summer and she and her family spent a week here in the states promoting the new winery. Our customers responses have been beyond anything she hoped for and we are excited to have these wines in our portfolio once again. It's not often we visit with a producer twice in a six month period, but when something this exceptional is coming down the line we like to stay close!

Tasting Notes:
Full red color, tending to ruby red. Complex aromatic nuances, that range from black cherry to blueberries, chocolate. A sumptuous expression of ripe fruit, that runs through the mouth with invasive persistence, typical for a great Amarone. The finale closes with sinuous tobacco and new leather notes. Drink now with decanting or cellar up to 8 to 10 years.
Ideal with boiled, roasted and grilled meat.

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Mike Good 
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Ilaria De Nardi Amarone Classico 2017
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