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November 2017
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Hello All,
If you are considering taking advantage of some end of year tax breaks and or looking to upgrade, I suggest you review the articles below.  

I am always here to help, should you need it.

Blessings and Continuing Success Always,
Kathy Hemmelgarn
"Progress is not essential to the human condition, progress IS the human condition."

Deferred Leasing Payments & IRS Section 179 -- No Payments Until 2018
AccountMate Leasing Powered by Dimension Funding is pleased to announce the "No Payments Until 2018" promotion for your AccountMate clients for the 4th quarter of 2017. 

When you  spend money from October 1 through December 29, 2017 on software or equipment, it means that you will enjoy the benefits of their AccountMate Software purchases while holding onto cash for the holidays! Lease payments won't begin until 2018 - so basically it is like a deferred payment plan. 

An added incentive is to know you can also take advantage of Internal Revenue (IRS) Section 179 deduction while doing this.

See more.....

Both this leasing promotion and IRS Section 179 tax benefits give you the opportunity to add AccountMate modules or Hardware but haven't quite had the time or inclination to do it. 


 1 Year Remaining for Support on AM 8 for SQL/Express
AccountMate's policy of at least providing eight years of support under our Maintenance Plans (4 years of Regular Support + 4 years of Extended Support) gives tremendous value for clients remaining on a consistent maintenance program.
In about a year (7/31/18), support will end for AccountMate 8.x for SQL/Express. Tax Subscription coverage will end 12/31/18.
This 'friendly' reminder is meant to give you time to talk with me to begin thinking about upgrading to a supported product version. Keeping clients on consistent Version and Build Maintenance assures they are covering their software investment. 

If you have any questions regarding upgrading please call us today at
                                                  916-334-1858 .

Price Increase: 2018 Payroll Tax Subscription 
The 2018 PR Tax Subscription support corresponds with the same time frames for AccountMate products on current and extended Maintenance Plans. There has been a price increase for 2018 PR Tax Subscriptions. Below is the pricing for the supported AccountMate Payroll versions/build for 2018 PR Tax Subscriptions:

Supported Builds
Federal +1 State
Federal +5 States
Federal +All States*

AccountM ate for SQL/Expres s versions 10.x, 9.x and 8.x
All Releases
$100 each
AccountMate for LAN versions 9.x and 8.x
All Releases
$100 each

*All 50 States plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico

Per our policy, AccountMate will continue to support those same versions and builds that are covered under the AccountMate Maintenance Plans in place at the time. 

2018 Payroll Tax Subscriptions are available as Internet downloads only.

Optional Electronic Filing (eFiling) of Federal & State W-2s is offered through our partnership with Aatrix Software, Inc. For an additional fee, clients may choose to get optional Federal & State W-2 eFiling, Federal & State Payroll Forms, an increased number of Federal & State-specific filing, services to print & mail out employees' W-2s directly to them or offer them over a secured website, as well as the option for quarterly, annual, new hire and the payment of eFiling pricing (940, 941, Wage Withholding, State and Federal Payments).

PROMO:  "Early Bird" 2018 Payroll Tax Subscription
SOS Consulting would like our PR customers to take advantage of the "Early Bird" promotion. You will receive a 10% discount on 2018 Payroll Tax Subscription orders placed and paid on or before November 30, 2017

CONTACT US TODAY 916.334.1858

Tips of the Week 
Feature Focus Tips (Enhanced Reports in AM10.2) 
Version : AM10 for SQL and Express (MS1002 and higher)
Module : AP 

TIP: The Past Due Aging Report is enhanced starting in AccountMate 10.2 for SQL and Express to show dates (e.g., Post Date, Entry Date, etc.) based on selected options (e.g., Report Date Based on Entry Date, Age by Due Date) when running the report. The first date column will display the date based on the selected "Report Date Based on..." option while the second date column will display the date based on the selected "Age by..." option. 
Note:  If the Report Date Based on Invoice Date and Age by Invoice Date options are selected, then the report will display the Invoice Date in the first date column; however, the Due Date will be displayed in the second date column. 
Version : AM10 for SQL and Express (MS1002 and higher)
Modules : GL, CL
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.2 for SQL and Express, an Account ID criterion is added to the Transaction Search report. This will allow you to filter transactions by a range or list of Account IDs. 
Version:  AM10 for SQL and Express (MS1002 and higher) 
Module:  SO 
TIP:  The following options are added to the Shipment Report starting in AccountMate 10.2 for SQL and Express to allow you to generate a report that will show all shipped sales orders including those that are cancelled or show only cancelled shipments. 
  • All Shipments including Cancelled
  • Cancelled Shipments
Note : The Cancel Date sorting option and filter criterion are also added to the Shipment Report. 
Version:  AM10 for SQL and Express (MS1002 and higher) 
Modules:  AR, AP, IC, BR, PR, MI, RA 
TIP:  You can filter the GL Transfer Report in AR, AP, IC, BR, PR, MI, and RA modules by Amountstarting in AccountMate 10.2 for SQL and Express. When a non-zero value is entered in the Amountfield, the Transfer as Summary setting in Chart of Accounts Maintenance is ignored even though the Ignore Summary Settings checkbox is unmarked (i.e., transactions will be shown in detail). 
Tech Support Tips  
Versions:  AM10 for SQL and Express
   AM9 for SQL and Express
   AM8 for SQL and Express
   AM7 for LAN
Module:  RA  
Q:  Why is the RMA # field in the RTV Transactions > Line Items (or Line Item Details) tab disabled? How can I enter the RMA #? 
A:  The RMA # field in the RTV Transactions function will be enabled only if the return code entered for the line item has a repair return action (e.g., RTV - Return for Repair, RTV - Repair and Credit, RTV - Repair and Replace, and RTV - Repair and Substitute). Once enabled, you can either manually enter the RMA # or select the RMA # by clicking the Lookup button. 
Versions AM10 for SQL and Express 
   AM9 for SQL and Express (MS904 and higher only) 
Module:  SO
Q:  The Enable SO Credit Hold checkbox is marked in the SO Module Setup > General (1) tab; however, I successfully created and shipped sales orders for customers who have exceeded their credit limit. Why? 
A: Verify whether the Allow to Exceed Credit Limit checkbox is also marked in the SO Module Setup > General (1) tab. Once marked, you can proceed to create and ship sales orders for customers who exceeded their credit limit, making the Enable SO Credit Hold checkbox inapplicable.

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