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January 2017
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Hello All,
Happy 2017!   A couple quick tax reminders - the filing date for the 1099-MISC 1096 for box 7, Non-Employee Compensation with the IRS and W-3 forms to the SSA has been changed to January 31st, instead of February 28th, as in prior years. The penalty for failure to timely file has also increased.  In addition, ACA 1095 statements for your employees has to be provided by January 31st, just like W-2's.  The 1095 filing to the IRS is due February 28th (March 31st if filing electronically).

Please let me know if you need assistance with end of the year filings or reports.

Blessings and Continuing Success Always,
Kathy Hemmelgarn
"The mind is everything.  What you think, you become."
2017 Supported Tax Forms
Same as the previous years, the 2017 Payroll Tax Subscription program supports the printing of the following tax forms:

Payroll Tax Forms
  • W-2
    • 2 up on plain paper only for federal filing - Items # 5207, 5222
    • 4 up perforated blank paper for the Employer, Employee, and State copies (Note: The Employee copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) - Items # 5209, 5221
  • W-3 (on plain paper only) for federal filing
  • 1099-MISC
    • 2 up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing - Item # 5110
    • 4 up perforated blank paper for the Payer, Recipient, and State copies (Note: The Recipient copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) - Item # 5221
    • 1096 (on RED pre-printed form) for federal filing - Item # 5110
AP 1099 Forms
  • 1099-MISC
    • 2 up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing - Item # 5110
    • 2 up on BLACK pre-printed form for Recipient, Payer, State, or Copy 2 - Items # 5111, 5112
ACA Forms
  • Federal 1095 and 1094
    • Plain paper for federal filing
    • Portrait paper for the Employee copy (Note: For the Employee copy you can either buy a perforated paper with pre-printed instructions at the back or use a plain paper and print the instructions on another sheet of paper)
    • Plain paper for the Employer copy

If you have any questions please call us today at  916-334-1858 .

AccountMate Leasing Promo: 4.9%
AccountMate Leasing is offering a 4.9% lease option promotion for qualified borrowers. This promotion runs Dec-Jan-Feb; ending February 28, 2017.
AccountMate Leasing Powered by Dimension Funding will help with purchases of software and equipment, maintenance, modification work, and more. It might even be a way to budget future upgrades, as well as the IRS Section 179 deduction. Contact us at  916-334-1858  to learn more.  

Reminder:  End User Core Product Training            (February 15-17, 2017, Wed-Fri)

Please call us today at 916-334-1858 if you would like to book your seat for this class.

AccountMate Tech Tips 

Versions:  AM9 for SQL and Express
               AM8 for SQL and Express
Modules: AP, PR, BR
Q:  I printed a check to be drawn from a bank that was set up to generate a positive pay file; however, no positive pay file was generated. Why? 
A:  The positive pay file is not automatically generated after check printing. To generate the positive pay file, use the Generate Positive Pay File function in the Bank Reconciliation module. You can then access the positive pay file in the directory that is specified in the Bank Account Maintenance  Positive Pay tab.
Versions:  AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
               AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN 
               AM7 for LAN
Module:  GL
TIP:  If the GL Account ID is set to transfer as summary (i.e., the Chart of Accounts Maintenance   Information   Transfer as Summary checkbox is marked) from any module to General Ledger, the General Ledger Listing will display the source module data in total amount for a particular period. You can choose to ignore this setting by marking the Ignore Summary Settings checkbox in the report interface. If the GL Account ID is not set to transfer as summary, the General Ledger Listing will display the source module detailed transactions that involve the GL Account ID.
Note:  The Ignore Summary Settings checkbox is available only in AccountMate for SQL/Express.
Versions: AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
               AM8 for SQL, Express and LAN
               AM7 for LAN
Module:  PR
TIP: Apply Payroll/Payment gives you option to choose between Automatic Apply and Manual Apply during payroll run. Automatic Apply does not allow you to edit payroll/payment data during the application process. This is a better method to use if you want to apply payroll/payments to most or all of the independent contractors and employees of the same pay type for the same pay period. You may use this method if you need to adjust a few or none of the applied hours, earnings, deductions, or withholding data manually; while Manual Apply allows you to select specific employees or independent contractors for whom you want to apply payroll/payments and make one-time changes to payroll/payment data.

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