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March 2017
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Hello All,
March brings welcome renewal for us all, and I must admit, I have missed spring! 

Please let me know if you need assistance with operational questions or procedures, or if you are interested in upgrading.

Blessings and Continuing Success Always,
Kathy Hemmelgarn
"If you can't fly then run if you can't run then walk.  If you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."
Where Do Your Salespeople Do Their Best Work?

Where do your salespeople do their best work? If the answer isn't "at their desk", then we need to support them where they're most efficient - whether that's on your showroom floor, at a tradeshow, or on the road at customer site -and there's no better option than AMmobile.

Newly enhanced for the "2017" release, AMmobile provides a real-time secure interface to your AccountMate system for looking up information and effecting transactions - in two different "modes" for the two different types of mobile selling.

The Walk-Up Sales version is for sales teams that complete same-day transactions - such as selling from a truck or at a trade show, or selling to a customer who's selecting products while walking a showroom floor. AMmobile Walk-Up Sales allows real-time inventory and pricing lookup, bar code scanning to add items to an order, credit card swiping for instant payment, and product shipment to complete transactions on the spot. To see a list of all the new AMmobile Walk-Up Sales features, CLICK HERE 

The Sales Tracker version is for sales teams that manage longer sales cycles - including lead development, travelling to prospects' locations, creating quotes, getting order approvals, tracking sales follow-up activities and coordinating tasks with colleagues. AMmobile Sales Tracker makes it possible to develop customer relationships and cover the sales process beginning-to-end efficiently, digitally, while on the road. To see a list of all the new AMmobile Sales Tracker Features, CLICK HERE

Few things can improve your business and financial performance quicker than increasing sales - so give us a call at 916-334-1858 to discuss how we can make your sales force more productive at selling!

How Small Businesses Should be Using the Cloud
If you're confused by all this talk of "cloud computing", you're not alone. It's one of those terms that everyone uses, but not a lot of people seem to know what it means.

The term has become synonymous with the internet in recent times, and many are proclaiming its wonders and ability to save individuals and businesses a ton of money, time and stress.

So ... what is it? And how exactly does it work?

It's the way of the future. Gone are the days of expensive servers, email exchange and software licenses that only last a few years. You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on anti-virus or Microsoft Office software. You don't even really need to own a powerful computer anymore.

When you're in the cloud, you're working online. There are no large servers taking up space in your office, or clunky software programs slowing your computer down. All the data and software is stored on servers at a remote location. And because these servers are dedicated to providing that service, they are, by nature, faster and more secure than anything you would have traditionally had on site.

So cloud computing basically means working over the internet - rather than locally. You access your software programs by logging into your online account, rather than opening up the program on your laptop or computer. It seems there is now little difference between clicking 'Open' in My Programs or 'Open' in My Favorites.

Some programs, like Microsoft Office, allow you to use your software locally or online. You buy a subscription that keeps you up-to-date with the latest Office versions, but you can still opt to work offline. And instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a CD and then installing it, you can pay as little as $18 a month and get instant access (for a single user).

From a business perspective, the general consensus is that you can save thousands of dollars by avoiding purchasing servers or software, and adopting the new "per user" cloud approach.

If you have any questions regarding moving your software to the cloud please call us today at  916-334-1858 .

AccountMate Tech Tips 

Version: AM10 for SQL and Express
Module:  PO
TIP:  AccountMate 10.1 for SQL and Express has a new function called Cancel Open Purchase Quote that provides the ability to easily cancel open quotes from a range of purchase quotes. This function allows you to set parameters for canceling open purchase quotes (i.e., range of vendor numbers, buyers, purchase order numbers, and/or quote dates). To cancel, simply mark the checkbox for the purchase quote.
Version: AM10 for SQL and Express 
Module:  IC
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express, you now have the capability to select a particular warehouse inventory transfer transaction that you want to receive in the receiving warehouse. To do this, you just need to enter the transaction's transfer # in the new Transfer # field in the Receive Warehouse Transfer Inventory function. You have the option to leave the Transfer # field blank if you want to receive multiple warehouse inventory transfer transactions in one sitting.
Version AM10 for SQL and Express
Modules:  SO, PO
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express, you can now generate the Unreleased Blanket Sales Order Report and Unreleased Blanket Purchase Order Report . These reports can be accessed from SO  Reports   Blanket Sales Order Reports or PO Reports    Blanket Purchase Order Reports
Version AM10 for SQL and Express 
Modules: AR, SO, CM, RA
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express, the Customer # Search window is enhanced to display the Address (1 & 2) and City fields. These new fields are also included in the Search By options and can be sorted; thus, users now have the ability to search or sort the grid records by Address 1, Address 2, or City.

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