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October 2017
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Hello All,
It had been a couple months since I touched base with you, but exciting things are happening!  

I will be getting married October 21st, and will be taking October 18th through the 24th off, and returning October 25th.  

You all will be left in the capable hands of the iSoft Systems team.  Just sign up at, or call them at 760.247.0644.

Blessings and Continuing Success Always,
Kathy Hemmelgarn
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. "
Where Do New Features Come From?

  If you're (smartly!) on board with AccountMate's Lifecycle Software Assurance Plan, then you've certainly been getting your money's worth with access to training resources and regular product updates - but where do the ideas for all those new features come from?
Certainly, the AccountMate product development staff is always coming up with ways to improve the product, and as a Business Partner in the channel we contribute dozens of suggestions per year - usually based on client customization requests - but MANY enhancement request come directly from end-users such as yourself.
Direct client requests are reviewed right alongside the other flavors of enhancement requests, and I'm not aware of ANY software publisher that makes it so easy for you to submit them. 
How easy? Inside your AccountMate software, just hit <Help> then look about halfway down the list of options for <Enhancement Request>. Clicking that will take you to the AccountMate website where you can enter the details of your suggestion, including the benefits it will provide.
I encourage you take this opportunity to help direct the future of the product - because who knows what you need better than you? - and there's no limit to the number of enhancement requests you can make!


 1 Year Remaining for Support on AM 8 for SQL/Express
AccountMate's policy of at least providing eight years of support under our Maintenance Plans (4 years of Regular Support + 4 years of Extended Support) gives tremendous value for clients remaining on a consistent maintenance program.
In about a year (7/31/18), support will end for AccountMate 8.x for SQL/Express. Tax Subscription coverage will end 12/31/18.
This 'friendly' reminder is meant to give you time to talk with me to begin thinking about upgrading to a supported product version. Keeping clients on consistent Version and Build Maintenance assures they are covering their software investment. 

If you have any questions regarding training please call us today at
                                                  916-334-1858 .

Price Increase: 2018 Payroll Tax Subscription 
The 2018 PR Tax Subscription support corresponds with the same time frames for AccountMate products on current and extended Maintenance Plans. There has been a price increase for 2018 PR Tax Subscriptions. Below is the pricing for the supported AccountMate Payroll versions/build for 2018 PR Tax Subscriptions:

Supported Builds
Federal +1 State
Federal +5 States
Federal +All States*

AccountM ate for SQL/Expres s versions 10.x, 9.x and 8.x
All Releases
$100 each
AccountMate for LAN versions 9.x and 8.x
All Releases
$100 each

*All 50 States plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico

Per our policy, AccountMate will continue to support those same versions and builds that are covered under the AccountMate Maintenance Plans in place at the time. 

2018 Payroll Tax Subscriptions are available as Internet downloads only.

Optional Electronic Filing (eFiling) of Federal & State W-2s is offered through our partnership with Aatrix Software, Inc. For an additional fee, clients may choose to get optional Federal & State W-2 eFiling, Federal & State Payroll Forms, an increased number of Federal & State-specific filing, services to print & mail out employees' W-2s directly to them or offer them over a secured website, as well as the option for quarterly, annual, new hire and the payment of eFiling pricing (940, 941, Wage Withholding, State and Federal Payments).

PROMO:  "Early Bird" 2018 Payroll Tax Subscription
SOS Consulting would like our PR customers to take advantage of the "Early Bird" promotion. You will receive a 10% discount on 2018 Payroll Tax Subscription orders placed and paid on or before November 30, 2017. 

AccountMate Tech Tips 

Version:  AM10 for SQL and Express
Module:  PO
TIP:  AccountMate 10.1 for SQL and Express has a new function called  Cancel Open Purchase Quote  that provides the ability to easily cancel open quotes from a range of purchase quotes. This function allows you to set parameters for canceling open purchase quotes (i.e., range of vendor numbers, buyers, purchase order numbers, and/or quote dates). To cancel, simply mark the checkbox for the purchase quote.
Version:  AM10 for SQL and Express 
Module:  IC
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express, you now have the capability to select a particular warehouse inventory transfer transaction that you want to receive in the receiving warehouse. To do this, you just need to enter the transaction's transfer # in the new  Transfer #  field in the  Receive Warehouse Transfer Inventory  function. You have the option to leave the  Transfer #  field blank if you want to receive multiple warehouse inventory transfer transactions in one sitting.
Version:  AM10 for SQL and Express
Modules:  SO, PO
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express, you can now generate the  Unreleased Blanket Sales Order Report  and  Unreleased Blanket Purchase Order Report . These reports can be accessed from SO  Reports     Blanket Sales Order Reports  or PO  Reports    Blanket Purchase Order Reports
Version:  AM10 for SQL and Express 
Modules:  AR, SO, CM, RA
TIP:  Starting in AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express, the  Customer # Search  window is enhanced to display the  Address (1 & 2)  and  City  fields. These new fields are also included in the  Search By  options and can be sorted; thus, users now have the ability to search or sort the grid records by  Address 1, Address 2,  or  City.

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