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  The Leadership Compass                                Summer 2017

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The Navigator's Handbook and The Navigator's Compass Released in Third Edition

David's new partnership with Purpose Driven Publishing has resulted in both of his popular leadership books being released in updated, Third Editions. To read about or order The Navigator's Handbook,
101 Leadership Lessons for Work & Life , click hereTo read about or order The Navigator's Compass, 101 Steps Toward Leadership Excellence, click here.

David O'Brien to Present Creating High Impact Meetings Workshop

As part of David's ongoing partnership with the CT Nonprofit Alliance, he will be delivering his well-regarded, Creating High Impact Meetings workshop on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at the Nonprofit Alliance offices in Hartford, CT. This highly interactive 3-hour workshop is designed to provide participants with a wide range of proven techniques for achieving a higher level of meeting impact and success. The 9:00 a.m. to 12-noon workshop is open to the public but registration is required. For more information or to register for this workshop, please visit CT Nonprofit Alliance online by clicking here.

David O'Brien to Present Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace Motivational Speech

David will be a featured Speaker at the International Managerial Accountants Association (IMA), Northeast Regional Council's 10th Annual Conference in Southbridge, MA, on September 18, 2017. His presentation titled, Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace combines an effective blend of research, serious thought, humor and fun all designed to make for a memorable learning event that fosters a personal leadership mindset. Click here to learn more.

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Dear Friends ,
This latest edition of the Leadership Compass features an abundance of leading edge content including some powerful insights from guest contributor, Michael Pilnick, CHRO as well as leadership guru Marcus Buckingham. It also heralds the nationwide release of the 3rd editions of both of my leadership books.   
Best wishes for continued success in every leadership role you play .

Keep Navigating,

David O'Brien

Featured Article:
So What Does Accountability Really Mean? Michael Pilnick, CHRO - Guest Contributor

Why do CEOs and HR Leaders constantly talk about accountability? What does it mean and what do employees really think about it? Does the phrase "being held accountable" make you feel like it's an "I got you"? You have been "caught." It feels as if you've been blamed for something gone wrong versus being empowered to achieve great results? The term is so commonly used that many have become numb or cynical and understand the concept in a way that is counterproductive to outcomes that drive revenue and desired outcomes.

As a manager, does your frustration rise when excuses are given for budget variances, missed project deadlines or . . .
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Featured Workshop :
Creating High Impact Meetings

With the constantly accelerating demand to do more with less a commonplace in every organization today, successful leaders must make every second count. Conducting effective meetings where everyone adds value and is clear on your objectives is no exception. The ability to lead, delegate and influence key outcomes is a critical skill for all leaders. In this comprehensive workshop, participants explore a variety of proven techniques for achieving meeting success. From agenda setting and facilitation skills to team building and action planning, this workshop will help build on your meeting management skills and experience while expanding your ability to impact key organizational outcomes.  A comprehensive planning and delegating guide is included and participants will have the opportunity to practice some of the important concepts presented in the program. Help ensure that you're making every second count in your next meeting; plan to attend this important workshop .

Read the Full Course Description of this workshop  here.
Quick Links To Learning

Link # One: "Competitive Advantage"
                      - Marcus Buckingham
                        NYT Conference 2017

Best-selling author Marcus Buckingham distills many key insights from a career of researching why some teams and leaders stand out from the pack. He reminds us of the critical role that team leaders play in both employee engagement and organizational success.Watch the 12 minute video.

Link # Two: "Leading From Your Strengths"
                       - Linda Hill - Harvard Business School

Professor Linda Hill, Chair of the Leadership Institute at HBS offers some pearls of wisdom about how to lead at a higher level. She reminds us that self-awareness is an important building block of leadership excellence. Watch the 3 minute video.

Link # Three: WorkChoice Solutions Learning Resources

In continuing our commitment to leadership learning, we have added new content to the Learning Resources link on the WorkChoice Solutions web site. Within the link, you will find a wide range of complimentary leadership assessments, media interviews, and a variety of leadership articles. Connect to Learning Resources.
Thought To Consider Leadership Thought To Consider

"Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say." - Andy Stanley

Leadership Suggestion:

Consider what this quote means in your world of work and in your role as a leader. Also try to uncover the leadership opportunity that it presents.

Three Questions Worth Considering:

  1. Do you need a high impact / high content speaker for your next off-site event or conference?
  2. Is there a high potential employee on your team that struggles with public speaking?
  3. Could other people in your organization improve their public speaking effectiveness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
please click here to learn more about Speaker Solutions.

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